Kings of Animation (TV) A Closer Look at Futurama



Season One: Episode Six

“A Fishful of Dollars”

Air Date: April 27th, 1999


Fry discovers his bank account interest has made him a billionaire. He buys items from the year 2000 to try and recapture some of his old life.

What I Like About This Episode?

Like most people who find themselves in a new situation, far from all they knew and loved. Fry found himself homesick (just a little) for the 20th century.  When he comes into money, he tries to buy back as much of his past life as he can. It takes a toll on him and his friendship with Bender and Leela while also drawing ire from the richest and most diabolical figure of here day, Mom.


The addition of Mom is a grand comedic character, she always has some great lines. This episode shows a good story arc involving Fry, and having him connect in a newfound way with his new friends.  It may not be as clever as other episodes before or after, but there is a quality substance to it.

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