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Everyone will see a movie in a different manner. Movies often create an emotional connection to a person. Some will resonate with others while someone else will feel nothing. It creates a wonderful world of opinions.

Even a mediocre or bad movie can be one to enjoy. (I enjoy Street Fighter from the 1990’s, it’s terrible and I mean ghastly, but I can find the fun with it.)  No matter what critics say, you can like a movie even if its bad.  As for whether that movie is truly of great quality is another matter.

Moving past pure enjoyment, we come to the question of quality. Quality needs to be backed up with fact.  A good movie has quality writing, acting, set designs/costumes, effects (when needed), narrative, and cinematography.

I promise that I am going to love movies that you hate and that I’ll hate movies you love. Hopefully we will find common ground more than not, but it will happen.  You are always welcome to discuss and debate, but bring facts to back it up.

Film is an artform and it takes the shape of many different things. An escape from reality, a platform to represent an idea, or an empty canvas to be filled with art. We are all going to have different thoughts on this.  I love when things are artistic, but I appreciate when it has a message in mind.

To me, the use of excessive violence, sexuality, or jump scares are more along the lines of cheap tricks used to shock audiences and hide the facts that a filmmaker and or writer is unable to do less with more.

I won’t please everyone, but I hope I can share with you my thoughts and that you can come up with your own views and share those in a civil and constructive manner.

Now about who I am.

Andrew Garrison is an author, sports columnist of eleven years, poet and a profound lover of movies from all eras. From silent films to the biggest blockbusters of today.

He was born in the Northeast, United States during the 1980’s and was raised in small-town Connecticut where he currently resides. Andrew has watched many movies from every era of film, from the silent era through the rise of talkies. From obscure independent films to the biggest and best films.

As a student of history, Andrew believes that classic films should be appreciated and protected. They tell the story of film from its birth to its ongoing evolution as a form of entertainment and art-form.

Other places you can find Andrew’s work include.  http://jumpcutuk.com/   A site devoted to reviews of the biggest new blockbusters, to older much-beloved films.

Andrew also writes for http://rayscoloredglasses.com/ A site dedicated to the Major League Baseball team known as the Tampa Bay Rays.

In his spare time, Andrew studies meteorology, world history, and astronomy.

Favorite movies include

Bringing Up Baby (1938)

Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)

The Princess Bride (1987)

The Dark Knight (2008)

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)


Actors he loves

Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Jeff Bridges, Patrick Stewart, and Benedict Cumberbatch,

Follow Andrew on twitter at @themovieguy14




You can pick up Andrew’s first anthology. America in Twilight: Not Quite True Tales and Poems through America.  Anthology poems and short stories compiled by Andrew with the help of many talented writers, editors, and illustrators.

His second book, Shadows Within the Labyrinth: Tales of the Dark, The Obscure, and The Fantastic.

Available as a paperback

Or as of 4/17/15, a Kindle version


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