Retro Rewind: The Best of Times (1986)


The Best of Times (1986)

Released: January 31st, 1986

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sport

Director: Roger Spottiswoode

Writers: Ron Shelton

Cast: Robin Williams, Kurt Russell, Pamela Reed, M. Emmet Walsh, Donald Moffat

Opening Thoughts:

I wanted to pay tribute to the beautiful career and life that was Robin Williams. So upon that journey, I came across this movie. I know the story (Honestly, from watching King of the Hill), but I was curious to see the Williams-Russell matchup together. While the film is very shallow in nature, I did overall have a good time watching it.


A group of disgraced former-football players rally together to face the ghosts of their past and play a rematch against their well-to-do rivals.


While I would say nothing in this movie is terrible, nothing is fantastic either. Every character is very replaceable. There isn’t a deeper meaning to the film. It’s meant to be something fun and forgettable.

I prefer the King of the Hill homage more than this film, I felt that had more emotional range and philosophical depth. This film is very familiar and only plays its one note to completion.


The story is one of personal redemption. About finding ways to let go of our failures of the past and regaining our confidence. Not about trinkets we cash in along the way, but about our personal glory.

I enjoy seeing Robin Williams and Kurt Russell together in a film. I think the chemistry between the two isn’t perfect, but given the concept of the film, it works.

There is some humor scattered throughout the film that makes it entertaining to watch start to finish.


The Best of Times is hardly Robin Williams’s best film, and it’s little more than a footnote in history and rightfully so.  However, if you want a short film with a light premise that will entertain you for about 100 minutes then you’ve found a decent film.

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