Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (2010)


Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

Released: December 9th, 2010

Director: Eli Craig

Writer: Eli Craig, Morgan Jurgenson

Cast: Alan Tudyk


Well-meaning hillbillies manage to buy a fixer-upper property in the mountains. Unfortunately, they encounter a group of preppy college kids who assume the worst. When a girl goes missing the college kids figure she has been murdered by these hillbillies.

Opening Thoughts:

It took me nearly a decade to watch this film. I kept putting it off again and again. Partly because I had grown so tired of lousy horror movies and even worse comedies; didn’t even give the film a chance, but something felt right finally and I watched the movie. My goodness, was I mistaken for waiting so long. A delightful surprise!


I have no major issues with this film.  Perhaps the only thing I can say is that because of the comedic nature of the film, the acting was in some cases rather subpar.  Like they were intentionally being campy and I felt the film could have had a more serious tone to the acting, but keep the humor aspect well alive.


While a lot of the acting is average, I found that those playing Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) were by far the best acting performances in the movie.

Building a horror-comedy can be difficult as you are dealing with two subjects that don’t always mix well together in terror and humor.  However, this film  finds the right tone and style to deliver its brand of dark humor and it is very effective for what this film is. I’m pleased to say it carries its silly, but dark tone from start to end and many films lack that consistency especially in the modern-day.

Everyone has their preference for what makes a good horror film, but I love a film that can tackle a relevant subject or universal theme and share its thoughts on the matter in a meaningful way.

This film presents with our nature to make quick assumptions on people based on what they look like and where they lived.  Whereas if we opened the door to communication, we may find a better understanding and far more benevolent outcomes.  This works both on the microcosm of our day to day lives, but also serves on the global scale between other countries and cultures.  We can all learn from one another and must push ourselves to seek understanding and insight over over guttural emotional opinions we form.


Honestly, I know this is a comedy mixed with some horror elements, but it has smart social commentary. Something that we all can take into our own lives and consider. It may help us to avoid many unpleasant scenarios (hopefully ones more realistic than what we witness here in this movie.)

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