The Day After Tomorrow (2004)


The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Released: May 28th, 2004

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Director: Roland Emmerich

Writers: Roland Emmerich (Story and Screenplay) Jeffery Nachmanoff (Screenplay)

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum

Plot: There is a rapid intensification in the weather of the northern hemisphere which causes immense world-altering chaos. A dysfunctional family tries to reunite under these trying times and hopefully make a future worth living in.

Opening Thoughts:

My thoughts on this movie are so mixed. Because it is ridiculous to the point it can be frustrating. However, it is also a beautifully made movie with great visuals and an important albeit exaggerated message about climate change.


While I applaud the overall idea that drives the film as it is accurate and a serious threat, I feel the exaggeration can have a negative backlash against science. Sadly, some people will always look at movies (and not documentaries) for new criticism. There are some that look at this movie and say it is outlandish and untrue. How dare the “liberal media” make such a movie and go on to say how climate change is a hoax and using this movie as the basis for their claim.  Yes, it is absurd, but sadly this is also the time that we live in.

It doesn’t give meteorologists and others who actually would know certain safety tips a means to keep safe during SOME of these events. Common sense was very uncommon even amongst the trained scientists at the time. I can tell you with some experience, that is wildly inaccurate.


The film does have a very powerful message albeit it loses some of its effects through the severe exaggeration we see.  The message that climate is a serious threat to human survival on this planet and we must act swiftly or find ourselves at its mercy like never before in modern history.

Before the rise of smartphones, this shows a very accurate depiction of human behavior against things we are unaware of unknowing about. From the newspeople trying to get a closer quicker view of the storm only to endanger themselves. To the others stopping to admire and or photograph the dangerous storms whereas they could be running to safety.  It shows the worst (and on rare cases the best) of what happens when a survival mode takes effect.  How many people will not endure the wrath of nature’s force?

It does show how normal people who are uninformed will more willfully walk into the path of danger. The need for knowledge and warning systems are crucial.


It’s a fine disaster flick that is completely ridiculous in some aspects, but also accurate in other areas.  It’s fun and stupid yet with something factual behind it.  Still worth your time, but definitely not the finest movie you can watch.


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