Andrew’s February 2019 Rundown

The Best


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was a beautiful farewell to the beloved franchise.  Filled with outstanding visuals, character growth, and an important message to all. It stands as among the finer animated movies I’ve seen in some time.

Stats: 129 Million budget/ 519.5 Million worldwide box office




Fighting With My Family– I am not a wrestling fan. Maybe in my youth I enjoyed some of it, but not so much these days.  So I wasn’t as engaged in this film as if I was a wrestling fan. This all said, Fighting With My Family is one of the better films of this year. It builds a good story, it’s well-acted, it has a touching message. It shows us a deeper nature to wrestlig and wrestling fans. How is has an impact on their lives.  While it did not make me into a fan of wrestling, it provided me with more insight into that world and some of the positive elements to it. I already knew wrestling had amazing and passionate fans, but I just didn’t know how deep that went.

Box Office Worldwide- 39 Million


Above Average


The Lego Movie: The Second Part- While not nearly of the quality of the original, this film still has a good amount of laughs. The visuals are lovely to look at, and the voice cast delivers a fine performance.

Box Office- 191.1 Million





Isn’t it Romantic– Light and fun, Rebel Wilson shines in this role. It will never be the best comedy ever, but it takess a unique approach to the romantic comedy and makes it work for laughs. Also, in a world where raunchy comedies have taken over the comedic world, it was nice to have a fantasy-comedy that was more funny than gross.

Domestic Box Office numbers only 48.7 Million (Worldwide unavailable)



It’s Watchable

Velvet Buzzsaw– It is more original than a lot of stuff we see today and it has this Tales of the Crypt vibe to it that some can appreciate. There is nothing uniquely terrible about the film, but nothing that will make me want to rewatch it.  Already starting to forget aspects of it.

What Men Want-A rehash of the 2000 comedy What Women Want starring Mel Gibson (Hopefully women want to stay away from Mel Gibson.) It has some decent jokes, keeps up a quick pace throughout and finished as predictably as you would think. It would be nice to have women get more original roles instead of just remaking films and swapping genders. Women deserve to have fresh content, not be served the leftovers from the men.

Budget: 20 Million/ Box Office 72.2 Million

Cold Pursuit– Brian Mills I mean Liam Neeson stars in this new revenge action (sorta dark comedy I guess) film. Basically it is another Taken movie where they don’t take themselves too seriously.  The action sequences and acting are well and good, but you’ve seen the general story well over a hundred times in the last 20 years. Give it a rest!

Box office- 72.9 Million

Happy Death Day 2U- It is another film that suffers from sequelitis. Trying to do too much to live up to the precessor and not focusing on itself. They do a few things that alter it from the previous movie. Some of it I’m okay with, but other things I’m not. They try and successfully explain away the mystery element of the first and second movie. Very disappointing in that reguard.  MYSTERY IS GOOD! STOP SPOILING MYSTERY HOLLYWOOD! (I don’t need to know why Michael Myers is a sociopath, I didn’t need to know anything about the origins of the Xenomorph, and I didn’t need someone to try and explain away Happy Death Day and possibly Groundhogs day.)

Budget: 9 Million/ Box Office 64.2 Million

I’ve Made a Mistake


Alita: Battle Angel while the action in this film is well crafted and there are times the CGI sparkles, there is a lot of this film that looks grotesque.  I found the movie to be shallow, long-winded, and garish to watch. It was yet another action movie that I could fall asleep to. Filled with generic one dimensional characters living in an otherwise unique and imaginative universe.

Budget: 170 Million/ 404.8 Million

The Prodigy– Not the worst made movie, but it uses the evil child trope yet again. Go watch 1974’s The Omen and have a better time than watching this recycled material.

Budget: 6 Million/ Box Office 14.8 Million

The Worst

Miss Bala– I suppose Halle Berry was busy (likely making John Wick 3) so Gina Rodriguez fills the void in this generic revenge film about a woman pushed too far.

Box office- 15.3 Million

Movies in Bold are movies I think are worth the time to watch.

2019 So Far (January and February )

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 

Fighting With My Family

The Lego Movie: The Second Part

The Kid Who Would Be King

Happy Death Day 2U

Isn’t it Romantic

Alita: Battle Angel

Velvet Buzzsaw


A Dog’s Way Home

Cold Pursuit

The Upside (2017)

What Men Want

Miss Bala

Escape Room

The Prodigy



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