Pixar Victory Lap Continues: The Incredibles 2 (2018)


The Incredibles 2 (2018)

Released: June 15th, 2018

Genre: Animated, Action, Adventure

Director: Brad Bird

Starring: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Phil LaMar, Brad Bird, Samuel L. Jackson

Opening Thoughts:

I very much enjoyed the first Incredibles film. There is a lot to it I can praise even in the current animated landscape.  I longed to have this sequel, and when it arrived. I became very apathetic toward it. After all this time, nothing had changed? Why are they rehashing the same conversation from the previous film? Still, I trusted Brad Bird to deliver an above-average animated film, and he certainly delivered.


Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) must take on the role of housekeeper and parental guardian while his wife, Helen (Elastigirl), looks to right wrongs and create a better world for all. To change the cultural zeitgeist about superheroes.


I didn’t love that this movie starts off where the last one leaves off. Because I mean, we waited 14 years for the film and you are going to take off the very second the old film ended? I found that irritating.

They altered Violet Parr’s boyfriend’s appearance which smacks of inconsistency with the original. It’s a small detail, but noticeable.

I had an issue with the villain, in the original, the villain (Syndrome) was personal. There was a deeply rooted grudge against the Incredibles (Mr. Incredible), whereas this time it was more of a broad stroke.  The villain in this film’s thinking was twisted and it made sense given the situation. Still, it lacked the personal touch.

I feel the first film has this lovely 1960’s vibe to it, but this film doesn’t bother to use that as much. It feels it is caught in between two time periods. Imagine a film that can’t decide if it is in the 1960’s or modern day?

This movie has a rough first act, it takes a while for the film to find its groove and stick the landing.  I also found that the humor wasn’t nearly as effective.


While the film had its issues, there are certain aspects that came off very positively.  They expressed the conflict of the original film in more defined terms.  The question being proposed is whether or not an unjust law should be followed, or should it be broken?    If you watched the original film, then you already know that Mr. Incredible/Bob believes that this anti-superhero law is unjust and must be dismantled. However, Elastigirl/Helen Parr believes it should be followed despite the injustice. They both believe the law is wrong, but have completely different ways of dealing with the issues.

A good sequel will rely on the characters to bring a new story of the forefront and this film does that. Elasticgirl and Mr. Incredible both have an identity crisis. Thrown into situations that are very jarring from initially expected.

Bob Parr becomes a stay at home dad who is struggling with this concept. He wants to be out there fighting the good fight but knows that he needs to stay home, raise the family and let his wife do the job.

In some ways, he feels emasculated by this, which is something I believe many men felt when women entered the workforce in greater numbers. However, being Mr. Incredible, he finds the value in his work.  That should he maintain the family unit while she saves the world, he will be doing something for the greater good, and he can look to that as a guiding principle. (A very modern interpretation and mature man to be able to understand all this. ) Granted he has difficulties with this job including his youngest son, Jack-Jack who has much more than meets the eye.  I found his story more compelling.

Elasticgirl has been out of the superhero world for a long time. She was master of the home, leader of the family in many faculties. While more than capable of being a superhero, she has the spotlight pushed upon her.  She needed to become the face of all the good that these superheroes could be.

The film shows how high-profile individuals of a maligned community can drastically affect the lives of many others. In this particular case, it is superheroes, but there is a clear message in support of a bigger, better world for women, too. The message can apply to any group facing discrimination (and there are a lot of them), It shows how a positive role model can change perception for the greater good.


The Incredibles 2 is a fine animated movie. Definitely among the better-animated movies of the last 18 years, and Brad Bird proves once more that he still knows how to make a quality animated film.  However, it lacks the heart and unique feel of the original film.



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