Pixar Works Magic Yet Again: The Incredibles (2004)


The Incredibles (2004)

Released: November 5th, 2004

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Director: Brad Bird

Starring: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee


Opening Thoughts:

My goodness, do I love this movie. I have heard multiple people tell me they don’t care for it, which is surprising, but everyone has their taste in films. To me, this was among the finest animated movies ever made, and every time I re-watch it, I find something new to love about it.


A family of incredible people must hide their powers from the world in an attempt to blend in with society. Things go awry when a mystery company seeks out Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible and his powers.


There is almost nothing to hate about this film.

I suppose the second act does linger a touch too long, but very little.

Syndrome is very smart by also very short-sighted. I mean, he plans to destroy Mr. Incredible, but didn’t do research about who or what may come after him? Also, he didn’t create a secondary control his ROBOT OF DOOM? It was just the one thing on his wrist? Things go wrong, man! Things go wrong!

There is definitely a little fat shaming. A thing that happens a lot in animated films (film in general). Yes, Mr. Incredible is older, he has been more sedentary and put on a fair amount of weight, but does it need to be a joke? The problem isn’t so much the jokes, but the blatant and constant ramming down our throats that overweight people are evil, stupid, slow, and overall inferior. I don’t think any group of people on this planet show be mocked continuously. Yes, we have overweight villains, we can have all these figures still exist, but we also have overweight heroes, too.


The animation in this film is fantastic. All these years later, it has aged well. Still looks rather good compared to other films. The action sequences are beautifully put together. The movie finds a way to keep its tension with good dialog and mixing it with action

I love the 1960’s aesthetics to the film. It’s a film lost in time and takes us back and it feels so fitting with all the things they are discussing in the film. Elasticgirl maybe the stay at home mom, but she isn’t afraid to take charge and be the hero when things get messy.

These are some of the most well-developed animated characters I’ve seen. They aren’t just one-note figures, but people with strengths, weaknesses, vices, dreams, fears, and insecurities. They lie, they deceive, they question the morality of the world they are forced to live in.

Dash and Violet are perfect examples of what it would be like to be an adolescent with amazing abilities. Not only will they have an eagerness to use their powers, but there would be a learning curve. There will be times of doubt and fear. All this is part of growing up normally, and they just added special abilities into the mix. Let’s be honest, this is the best Fantastic Four movie to date.

I think the cast of voices is wonderful, not only are they great talents, but they fit their roles well. Plus, it doesn’t push for a long list of A-list figures but then slack on the rest of the film. The film also uses the cast well with its sense of humor, and I still consider this among the funnier animated movies in history.

Bob and Helen have two different viewpoints about their powers. Bob (Mr. Incredible) resents the life he has now while Helen (Elastigirl) has adapted as more of a mother at home. She sees that the past is over and the best legacy she can leave behind are her three children. That is the question that runs throughout this film. Do we hide our abilities from the world, living in fear of what could be? or do we celebrate these things and seek to use them to better the world we know?

There are several types of villains, but often the best are those that believe they are doing the right thing. That perhaps they may do unethical things to reach a goal, but it is for the greater good of society. In this way, Syndrome is a really cool villain because he thinks he is right. He believes that the arrogance of superheroes makes others like himself feel inferior and worthless overall. So if everyone has the ability to be special, then there will be no need for a superhero and he can become even wealthier. Syndrome doesn’t hold back, he is willing to kill women, children, and babies to get his revenge. He’s really intense and quite intelligent. (If only he wasn’t so shortsighted. )

Ultimately, The Incredibles is about the power of family. That a united family is one of the hardest things in this world to stop. A beautiful and loving film that stands up through the years as one of the finest to date.


The Incredibles is still a fantastic film. It has its own discussion about superpowers and abilities. A beautiful set of animation, fleshed out characters, wonderful musical score. Such vivid colors and engaging action films. It has everything one could ask for in an animated action film.


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