Kings of Comedy (TV) Frasier



Frasier (1993- 2004)

Season One: Episode Two

“Space Quest”

Air Date: September 23rd, 1993

Some Spoilers apply. You’ve been warned.

Frasier now is living with his father Martin and physical therapist and housekeeper Daphne Moon. He is struggling to adjust to this new life with these people. It is not the new start to his life that he envisioned, and they have most definitely encroached on his privacy. After fruitlessly searching for some privacy, a frustrated Frasier returns home to wage war with his father again. This prompts yet another discussion about removing Martin from the home. It’s too much to deal with and they are both wreaking havoc on one another’s nerves.

After one final attempt, Frasier decides it’s time. The only problem is that Martin won’t agree. Instead, he acknowledges their issues and says rightfully so that it takes time to grow and develop a healthy father-son relationship.


This episode shows the contrast of the characters. It exposes their flaws and their strengths. You have the added bonus of Daphne and Niles adding extra commentary to the episode.  Building our familiarity with these characters which is a great thing to do.

Best line from this episode for me- Niles: So, what you’re saying is that you want to be closer to Dad. You just don’t actually want him around.


The Ladder:

The Good Son

Space Quest




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