Kings of Comedy (TV) Frasier



“The Good Son”

Season One: Episode One

Air Date:  September 16th, 1993

Director: James Burrows (Taxi, Will and Grace, Mike and Molly, Superior Donuts)

Writers: David Angell (Cheers, Wings)/ Peter Casey (Jeffersons, Cheers, Wings)

Starring: Kelsey Grammar, David Hyde Pierce,  John Mahoney, Jane Leeves,

After nine years of being a popular character on the show “Cheers”. Frasier Crane, the beloved psychologist, leaves Boston and returns home to his hometown of Seattle, Washington.

There he finds himself plunged into a new career and having to deal with his equally if not the more impressive young brother, the eminent Dr. Niles Crane (also a psychologist).  Meanwhile, Frasier must maneuver around his father, a gritty, blue-collar ex-cop, and his quirky British physical therapist and housekeeper, Daphne Moon.

Why This Episode Rocks!

In just a few lines, the series kicks off summing up Frasier Crane’s last few years. Transitioning him from the “Cheers” era into his own. He doesn’t deny or ignore this part of his life, but he does reach out for new exciting adventures.

We get to meet his sassy and professional producer, Roz Doyle. Someone who gets along with Frasier, but may not exactly love him at this point.

I have to spoil some things, especially in the first episode. So if you can’t tolerate that. Back away now.

Frasier’s father, Martin Crane, is having health issues after being shot in an armed robbery. Frasier decides to take his father in, hoping to build some sort of connection that the two never had before. Both of them so set in their ways and on opposite positions in many situations, they never ceased butting heads.

Then there is lovable, but overtly neurotic Niles Crane. Talented, intelligent, but living in the shadow of his wife, Maris.

As for Maris, she is never seen throughout the entire series but is often mentioned.

My favorite line about her in this episode.

Frasier: “You know, the way you like the sun. Maris is like the sun. Except without the warmth.

The first couple of weeks have been difficult. Martin and Frasier are always fighting with one another. Now Martin wants this lovely, but somewhat aloof British housekeeper to move in (Daphne). It seems that things just aren’t going to work between these two characters.  Frasier wanted to be closer to his father, but it seems too much to deal with. He is ready to give up.

However, Martin has a moment of humility and tells Frasier how much he appreciates what he has done for him.  Martin is realizing how much Frasier has sacrificed to help produce a better life. This moment is quite touching and gives hope to their relationship improving in the future.

Frasier is perhaps my favorite sitcom of all=time. A smart, sophisticated, well-written comedy. One that I found relatable for many years. I will be breaking down the series. What I liked about it, the interesting discussions and topics they have during it.  The dynamics and growth of the characters.

It had a brilliant run, one of the successful comedies of all-time, and I’m going to love delving into it.  I hope you join me.


The Ladder

The Good Son




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