Tremors 5: Bloodlines. (How are there five of these?)


Tremors 5 (2015)

Genre: Horror, Action, Comedy

Starring: Michael Gross

Who is seriously funding these films! (Michael Gross I suppose.)

I guess people have fun making these films? There must be a cult following.  It doesn’t need to be good, just needs to have lore to tap into.  Add in some big guns and Gummer and you have yourself a movie. Listen, if you feel the need for a Tremors 5, you sit at home or with friends and watch the movie. As long as you are having fun, go with it. Have that fun, but I need to move on.

Burt Gummer is always going to make these films a step above unwatchable.  Though I wish things changed, I wish there was character growth, additional characters joining the team for more than one movie.  A group of specialized monster hunters. That would be sweet.

There are times they catch some good natural shots and scans in the film. They did look beautiful. However, a lot of the action was very shaky and incredibly hard to follow.

Tremors 5 is just another Tremors movie which happens to take place in Africa. Graboid in Africa.

The Ladder

Tremors (1990)

Tremors 2 (1996)

Tremors 3 (2001)

Tremors 4 (2004)

Tremors 5 (2015)

Well, at the very least, we can take comfort in the fact that this has to be the last Tremors movie they are going to make.

Tremors 6 is coming directly to video in January 2018. Starring all your favorites, Michael Gross, Michael Gross, and Michael Gross.  (Oh and Jamie Kennedy, too.)









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