31 Days of Halloween- Scary Movie (2000)


Scary Movie (2000)

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Starring:  Marlon Wayans, Carmen Electra, Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Marlon Wayans

Opening Thoughts

Let’s pause and laugh at the tagline. No mercy (true), no shame (true), no sequel (LIES!)

Alright, this movie is insane and crude.The jokes are just so blue that you need to be ready for that level of dirty jokes.

Though it does do a good job making fun of the Scream franchise as well as poking at other horror movies as well.

I Know What You Did Last Summer  and numerous pop culture references.

Again, this a spoof movie which means it is not going to be original in any sense. It’s silly and unremarkable in just about every way.  if you find the Wayans brothers funny, then perhaps you’ll enjoy it more. However, if not. Let it go.

One fun thing to watch is see how many familiar faces you catch in this film which is now 17 years old.  (That’s the true scary part of this one.)

The movie is crude as can be (only to be outdone by sequels). It’s stupid, but not without a couple of clever jokes.

I will say that if you are of a certain mindset, this movie is probably funnier.









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