I have not disappeared. Working on something big!

Hello, everyone.

Just sharing a post to remind you that I am very much still here.  Thank you all for your unyielding support.


I will have more reviews, monthly recaps, animation discussions, and continuing into my top 50 animated movies in the near future.

However, the last couple of weeks I have been preparing my newest anthology. (The first being America in Twilight.)

It is a collection of  fantasy, science fiction, and psychological horror stories. I wrote a story for it, collected a group of talented writers together, and compiled it all together in this newest work.

Shadows Within the Labyrinth: Tales of the Dark, the Obscure, and the Fantastic.

If you are interested in the anthology then you can like the Facebook page

or follow @Garrisonpress14  on Twitter for news updates and reviews.


Ebook versions will be released on September 21st.

My goal is to release the paperback in late August. (Approximately August 21st, 2017)


Stay amazing my friends and followers. Shadow_FrontCover_trim.jpg


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