Andrew’s All-Time Favorite Animated Movies (60-51)


60-The Lego Movie (2014) When this film was coming out, I had so many doubts.  However, the animation was sound, the humor effective more than not, and with a surprising amount of heart and existential depth.  The Lego Movie may have spawned a whole bunch of terrible copycats, but it is a fine animated film.








59-Coraline (2006) – If you’ve been following this list from the start, then you know my love of Laika productions.  The animation in this film is top-notch and I loved the twisted universe in which it occurs in. The characters are quirky (reminds me of old-school Tim Burton).







58-Pocahontas (1995)– Not Disney’s finest film, but still important as it explores the plight of the Native American.  The inaccuracies are a plenty. (You mean there was no lovable raccoon sidekick?) The songs are beautiful and if you are one who appreciates respecting nature, and finding ways to make peace with enemies. There is enough good in here to overlook the negatives. Some people can’t, but I still enjoy it as a fluffy animated film with beautiful elements.






57-Finding Dory (2016)– I’ve enjoyed both these films, but not to the level others do. Finding Dory is unique because it doesn’t have much character development, but because of a tragic reason.  The story has a heartfelt message, some quality humor, and fair amount of action. Hank the Octopus is an awesome new character. it’s not Pixar’s finest, but sure isn’t terrible.


56-Secret of the NIMH (1982)– Underappreciated animated film from the early 1980’s.  Some may even scoff at it being so low on this list. A fair comment, but this is my list. The animation is great, and the journey of this mother mouse is extraordinary.




55-Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)– I have loved all of these movies. The animation is bright and colorful, they know how to create thrilling action scenes.  Po the Panda is a character brimming with further development. I’ll accept that this movie doesn’t go as deep as previous films, but it is still a blast to watch.



54-Book of Life (2014)- So good that Pixar seemingly decided to “borrow heavily” from it for one of their upcoming films.  I wish there was more original music, but the characters, and animation more than make up for this. It’s uniquely designed and enjoyable from start to finish.



53-Tarzan- (1999) Nearing the end of Disney’s phenomenal stretch of animated movies. Tarzan delivers on many of the right moments. Combining various art forms and with a distinctive style.  To me, this remains the best Tarzan film bar none.


52-Rise of the Guardians (2012)– Another surprise. I didn’t think this would be as fun as it was, but fun it indeed be. A new take on many of your holiday and folklore favorites comes alive. Complete with an interesting main character, Jack Frost.  This film hit me personally at moments. Especially in dialog between Fear and Frost.  The animation is visually spectacular and the message quite lovely too. A surprise.



51-Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)– After the light-hearted nature of the original, this was a solemn film. Filled with death and destruction alongside a very mature philosophy about the world.  That we all experience terrible things in life, but we have the power to decide how will react to these events.


5 thoughts on “Andrew’s All-Time Favorite Animated Movies (60-51)

  1. I’ve seen 4 of these ones! That’s maybe the best I’ve done yet out of any of these posts. Woohoo! I really don’t see what all the hate for The LEGO Movie was about before it was released. Were people just afraid of it being one big, lifeless productive placement? As someone who collected LEGOs for most of their teenage life (I was all about LEGO Star Wars!), I was excited for this movie and thought it had a lot of creative potential. Finally saw the movie for the first time about a year ago, and man, I really loved it! They did an excellent job in creating something unique while playing homage to the history of LEGO.

    Coraline and FInding Dory are both easily top 20 for me, if not top 10. Loved them dearly. I too really enjoyed the style of Coraline, and just how dark and visually stunning it is. As you know, Finding Dory is one that really hit home for me as my mother suffers from short term memory loss. I wasn’t impressed by its teaser trailer, but the completed film ended up being one of my favorite movies of last year.

    I did enjoy The Book of Life, although I think I liked it more for its ideas and visuals than it’s execution. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great film, but considering how much I like about it, I can’t say I love the overall film as much as I feel I should. The creativity, the love story, and the inspired and beautiful visuals were all amazing to me. Yet something holds this one back just a little bit from being one of my all-time favorites. However if I made a list myself, it’d still probably rank higher for me than it did for you because I’ve seen a LOT less animated movies. I know you’re annoyed that Disney’s Coco seems like such a blatant rip-off of this one, and I think that’s a valid argument to make. Hopefully that movie ends up being more unique than it looks. At least it’s more likely to get the emotional parts right.

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