Kings of Animation (TV) The Simpsons



“The Simpsons”

Season Two: Episode Two

Simspon and Delilah

Air Date: October 18th, 1990

I will say there are light spoilers in here. Nothing too revealing  However, if you haven’t seen these episodes by now, the chances are you weren’t actively looking for them.

Homer Simpson finds a means to restore his lush head of hair. This leaves to a promotion at work along with many other benefits. Comparison to the biblical Sampson whose hair was his power and means of success.

What We Learn:

One of the things that makes Homer Simpson relate-able to many men is that he has low self esteem due to hair loss (by various means).  This could be a reason he eats and drinks in excess.

Hair loss is a serious issue that can wipe out a lot of confidence in a man and make them feel like something less. Some hide it, deny it, fight it, or give up everything because of it. Homer gave up, and if not for Marge, he would be far worse off.

In this episode, we see him rise through the ranks of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant thanks to his amazing assistant Karl and his hair. Both of these fuel his confidence and his general attitude.

In other shows, you see the rise of power unleash negative qualities in characters. (Dale and Bill from King of the Hill come to mind.) In Homer, his rise in self-confidence makes him a better husband, employee, and father.  Proving that at his core, he is an incredibly respectable figure though still very much flawed..

With every new Simpsons episode, we learn more about who these people are. Their fears and their virtues, strengths and weaknesses.  This one focuses on Homer, but we learn things about Mr. Smithers and his jealousy, Montgomery Burns sharing his personal story of hair loss, and most of all Marge.  Marge is this shining beacon of true love. I know she is animated, but at times she is one of the most  incredible female figures in modern fiction. Intelligent, stable, compassionate, and loyal (to a fault). Marge is incredible and while most people know this, when you go back and break it down episode by episode, it only becomes more apparent.

While this episode may not be the funniest, it teaches us so much about these characters.

The Ladder:

The Ladder:

Simpsons Roasting Over and Open Fire-  Favorite

The Call of the Simpsons

Life On the Fast Lane

Krusty Gets Busted

Simpson and Delilah

Bart Get an F

Bart the General

Moaning Lisa

Homer’s Night Out

The Telltale Head

There’s is No Disgrace Like Home

Homer’s Odyssey

Bart the Genius

The Crepes of Wrath

Some Enchanted Evening. – Least Favorite


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