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Chances are as a cinephile you have a feel-good movie in your collection. A film you turn to whenever you have the blues or need to soothe tattered nerves.   They may be guilty pleasure films that critics weep over to this day, or they may be a film masterpiece fitting of a museum.   A feel-good film knows no boundaries and never should.

Everyone has their checklist of what dubs a film as feel-good.  For me, it happens to be a mixture of nostalgia, escapism, humor, memorable characters, and a positive life lesson thrown in for good luck.

For myself, I could list several films that make me feel good. From It’s a Mad Mad Mad World to Zombieland.  However, one film stands way above all others, and that is The Princess Bride (1987). Not only do I think it the finest feel good film out there, it also has the honor of being my…

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