Andrew’s Top Animated Films of All-Time (70-61)

As new animated movies come out, some of these may change. Also, some of the newer films may rise and or fall slightly with time.

If you have an animated movie that you have not seen listed and you suspect I may have missed.  Let me know. While I try to be thorough, there are always a few films that fall through the cracks.


70-Prince of Egypt (1998)- I try to be very respectful about religious and or historical themed movies. This film is a bit of both and while that can make it difficult to really discuss with some people.  The film itself is of a high-quality.  It is the first time Dreamworks impressed me.  With good animation, storytelling. and original songs.




69-Balto (1995)- Balto, a half-breed (husky/wolf) mix gets the chance to be a hero when an Alaskan town is under siege by a diphtheria epidemic. He leads a dog sled team on a 600-mile journey to pick up medical supplies and cures. Not only is the film inspired by the actual event in 1925, but it also provides comparisons to how people of mixed races are treated even in present day.



68-The Croods (2013) I didn’t think I’d enjoy this movie. The characters didn’t appeal to me and I thought the humor was going to be too childish.  While said humor was hitting a low bar, the movie won me over with chuckles throughout. Add in some amazing animated scenes and the dynamics of ultimately a heartwarming father-daughter relationship. It hit all the right spots. This movie was much better than I expected.



67-Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Wererabbit (2005) If you are familiar with Wallace and Gromit, then you know how this movie goes. Wallace and Gromit work together as exterminators. When a mysterious figure begins sabotaging gardens right before the annual vegetable growing contest, Wallace and Gromit take the case.  If you enjoy the Wallace and Gromit animated shorts, then you are going to like this as well.  Filled with puns, innuendos, quirky characters, and an abundance of sheer silliness. Add in the top-notch animation and you have yourself an enjoyable flick.




66-Puss in Boots (2011) Coming off of the success of the Shrek franchise, Dreamworks brings back one of their most popular characters to tell the tale of his legend.  Puss in Boots voiced by Antonio Banderas is still perfection.  His story of going from orphan to legendary hero/outlaw is actually quite tender. Much like the better Shrek films, this movie is filled with eccentric characters inspired by fairy-tales, splendid action scenes, a good amount of subversive humor, positive life lessons.



65-The Lego Batman Movie (2016)- This film was fast paced and humorous.  Though honestly, the film loses a lot of its freshness the second time around.  Still, you have Batman (Will Arnett) facing off against a surprisingly good Joker (Zach Galifinakis). Batman actually faces a personal flaw and develops more depth to his character.  Considering how many Batman films don’t deal with this, it becomes surprisingly good. Being fair, I’m unsure how well this film will hold up in time, but for now it stands firm at 65.



64-Bolt (2008) A canine superstar of a fictional scifi/action show believes his powers are real. When he believes his beloved co-star (Penny) has been kidnapped. He treks out into the real world on an adventure of self-discovery.  I like this film for its blend of heart and humor. It may not be as great as films to come after it, but it is far from terrible.


63-Wreck It Ralph (2012)- About a video game villain who is having an existential crisis.  Sure, he was born to be the villain, but who is he really? Why must he be forced to remain in that role his entire existence?  Ralph breaks out in the hopes of finding himself. Filled with beautiful animation, tons of humor, and pop culture eggs galore. Wreck-It Ralph is well worth your time. I should note this could be higher on my list, but it lost out by a hair.



62-A Goofy Movie (1995)- It may lack the brilliance of many Disney movies, but I still find the humor entertaining. Explores the world of Goofy, Max, and the wild assortment of characters in their world. Explored in ways like never before. A father-son film filled with adventure, humor, and a thrilling musical climax.


61-Land Before Time (1988) Before being traumatized by The Lion King (1994), there was Land Before Time. A young group of dinosaurs (Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, Cera, and Spike) set out on an adventure to find their families. All the while having to avoid predators and a violently changing landscape.  A story about adventure and friendship with enough heart to make you bawl your eyes out.


2 thoughts on “Andrew’s Top Animated Films of All-Time (70-61)

  1. The only ones here I really like are Wallace and Gromit, Lego Batman Movie, and A Goofy Movie.

    I’ve never seen The Prince of Egypt for personal religious reasons. I don’t believe in watching films where prophets and/or God are portrayed by people, so because of that I haven’t seen it. But from what I’ve seen in like trailers or whatnot, it seems stunningly beautiful!

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