Movie Review


The Last Word (2017)

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Starring: Shirley Maclaine, Amanda Seyfried

Plot: A retired businesswoman (MacLaine) seeks to redeem herself after a life of being extremely unwavering and assertive.  She hires a young obituary writer (Seyfried) to explore her life. Together they have life-altering series of experiences; proving it is never too late to adjust your perception.

What I Didn’t Like:

I had only two issues with this film. It tends to drag on longer than needed.  I feel it could have been 20 minutes shorter and been much better. The story and lesson are common themes in cinema. They are respectable, but we don’t need to drill that deep to understand what is going on.

Other than this, the story is too predictable as you know how it is going to end long before it does. I mean all the details you expect to happen, come out on queue.

What I Did Like:

The acting is good all-around. The secondary characters are all serviceable given their roles. The two that shine most are Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried.  MacLaine is the proven professional in the acting world. She has such a commanding screen presence in this film. I love it.  Seyfried has impressed me in several roles and I value her willingness to do more serious roles. This isn’t her “wow” movie, but it continues to prove that she is a reliable and trustworthy actor.

I’ve watched a lot of comedies this year that weren’t funny (AT ALL).  While this certainly falls in line with a standard drama, there is humor to be found within, and I found myself genuinely laughing in a few parts.

The writing at times is brilliant and inspiring.  It warms your heart at several points, and also manages to inspire with a couple of truly great lines. Pushing both characters and the views of this film toward self-exploration. (Carpe that Diem)


While The Last Word has no major flaws. You have seen this story told and retold a hundred times before.  Still, this film has a beautiful message that is still valid, and very-much needed in this world.  Complete with a fair amount of humor and a talented cast.  Some of the lines in this could even inspire someone to make a change and attempt something profound. I will never put down a film that effectively promotes self-evaluation and discovery towards a constructive end.  You could find far worse films to unwind and watch on a rainy day.

The Ladder:

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The Last Word (2017)

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