Classic Movie Reviews: The Princess Bride


The Princess Bride (1987)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

Director: Rob Reiner

Starring: Andre the Giant, Wallace Shawn, Carey Elwes, Billy Crystal, Robin Wright

Plot: A young prince hatches a devious plan to become a “beloved” king. However, an infamous pirate has other plans. Will love triumph in this complex world of vengeance, betrayal, and monsters?

IMDb: 8.1 of 316,000+

Rotten Tomatoes: 97% (Sounds about right) 95% (Those poor 5%.)  (8.3/10 Critical rating.)

What I Don’t Like:

There is nothing I dislike about this film. Sure, the special effects are dated, but that isn’t fault of the movie itself. It will happen when you are made in 1987. Besides those few parts, it has aged considerably well I believe.

What I Like:

Everything.  To be a bit more specific.

I love how the humor is sometimes cheesy on purpose, but also clever. I love the strangeness of the film. Little details that get lost and make you shake your head in delightful confusion.

The one-liner game is strong. Every scene in this film has a line that have been honored by some other show, film, or fan of the series.

Andre the Giant alone is reason to watch this movie. However, the story-arc of Inigo Montoya is beautiful.

As a framing device, there is Peter Falk and Fred Savage.  Those two fit perfectly together in this film.

The action is exciting. There are multiple fights, chases,  and schemes to outmaneuver throughout the film.

Several cameos/small parts, but the best is by far made thanks to Billy Crystal.

The ending is brilliant. Filled with love and hope. A magical ride from start to finish


The Princess Bride is only a victim to time. Younger audiences will see the effects and think less of it. However, given the not so serious tone of the film. It still holds up incredibly well.  The characters, the one-liners, the moments, and the romance is near perfection. I will forever love this film.

The Ladder

The Princess Bride– It is my all-time favorite movie. Even though the graphics are old and the lines are cheesy (bound to be remade into something cruel). This film is priceless and nothing really comes close to it within the genre of fantasy, comedy, adventure, and romance. My ultimate feel good film and everything I could ever ask in a fantasy movie.


3 thoughts on “Classic Movie Reviews: The Princess Bride

  1. I really need to see this movie already. I decided to take the plunge and just buy it. The DVD’s on Amazon for just $3, so I’m going for it! Though seeing that it’s your favorite movie of all time, it makes me wonder if I’ll like it too, or if I’ll totally hate it. I’m going to assume I’ll like this one, haha. Regardless, if it’s your favorite movie, then it’s definitely worth me checking out, and yes, I know. Even if I don’t like it, I won’t say ANYTHING, haha. At least not directly to you. But really though, this movie looks like a real good time. I look forward to it. Great review, Andrew!

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