Andrew’s Top 100 Animated Movies All Time

Andrew’s Top 100 Animated Films of All Time

This is a list of MY favorite Animated films. If you don’t like it, feel free to make your own.

If you feel I have missed a film. Let me know, it is possible I have.

No, I didn’t forget Watership Down.

No, I haven’t watched The Red Turtle, but I plan to when I can find it.

This list will always change as new animated movies come out (Likely not changing for the rest of this year by the looks of things.)

Most direct to video movies are not counted below. Looking for largely full length feature films.


100- Peter Pan (1953)- Honestly, I wanted to get rid of Peter Pan on this list. Peter Pan is a jerk (possibly a murderous sociopath/angel of death) and this movie isn’t just culturally insensitive. It is super racist (Super racism- when average racism just won’t do.) I hate Peter Pan and I loathe the stereotypes in this film.  I do like Captain Hook however and really wish he would win. Why do I keep it on this list?  Because there are moments of truly great animation, from kids flying through the air with pan, the sailing ship in the sky, or Captain Hook sneaking up on Pan. There are moments the animation shines too bright to ignore.  Still, the overall message is terrible for children, the film is again super racist, and the main hero is a total a-hole. Still that animation.

If I could suggest an alternate it would be Megamind (2010). Most things about this one are average, but the silly humor works well on a few occasions.

99- The Rescuers (1977)- There is nothing terrible about The Rescuers film. It even has good voice work by Eva Gabor and Bob Newhart as Miss Bianca and Bernard. This film has a beautiful musical score and flashes of wonderful animation.  It is a bit slow with the pace, a slow burn to not a huge payoff.  Nothing terrible about it, but nothing that stands above the others.

98- Cars (2006) It is Doc Hollywood with cars. (Give me Michael J. Fox over Owen Wilson though). The film’s animation for a Pixar film I find to be substandard. Borrowing so heavily from another film is also beneath them.  Owen Wilson does work it as Lightning McQueen though.  My favorite character is played by the amazing Paul Newman, if you have any reason to rewatch this film. Let it be Newman. I believe this is his last film and he does a solid job in it.  I wish this was higher on my list, but I just can’t.







97-Pinocchio (1940) A film with some iconic characters  in Disney legend.  There is also some nice animation scattered about the movie you must respect. However, the reason this film scores low is A- Pinocchio is whiny to the point of irritation, and the film as a whole is among the most insufferable and preachy movies I’ve ever watched. Almost all animated movies have a lesson in them, but the point is to not make it like you are being scolded in a religious building or school.  This movie fails big time with this.


96- Mr. Peabody and Sherman (2014) What makes Peabody and Sherman work is a great voice cast and plenty of humor.  If you like puns and absurd humor involving historical figures, you’ll have a light-hearted comedy. It is a shame not enough people watched it.  The flaws in it are it lacks heart. It has the potential for a great story, but falters majority.




95- Cat’s Don’t Dance (1997) This film is forgotten and underappreciated. It pays homage to the great song and dance songs which have been forgotten by the masses. (I may not love them, but I respect the quality of the work.) The humor works, the singing and dancing is contagious, and some of these original songs are flat out awesome. If you can find it and appreciate the symbolism, worth a look.









94- Alice in Wonderland (1951) The animation in this one is quite impressive.  So is the look of the characters inspired by Lewis Carroll.  However, the rest of it is largely average. From the mediocre writing to the suggestive drug use. If not for the animation and the wonderful depiction of characters. It would not remotely make this list.



93- Lady and the Tramp (1955) it’s a nice story if borrowed from Charlie Chaplin. Also, let’s not overlook the racism in this one. (Not as bad as Peter Pan, but still it isn’t very good.) It’s Charlie Chaplin for kids, even more so than Chaplin was because it involves talking dogs. People love a good talking dog it would seem.

92- The Great Mouse Detective (1986)- A solid retelling of the Sherlock Holmes character for children.  While it doesn’t astonish in any major way. It creates a solid animated mystery with a credible villain. Plus, you have Vincent Price voicing a character known as Professor Ratigan  How can you avoid watching this movie? You shouldn’t.





91-Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012) I never was on board with the Madagascar franchise. I didn’t like the first one (It was alright.) I hated the second one (with a passion), and I initially wrote off the third one. However, later on I finally watched it one long boring night.  I found myself laughing quite a bit at the one-liners.  There were some entertaining chase scenes and a beautiful visual finally. The film may not belong anywhere the top of the animated list, but entertaining.


5 thoughts on “Andrew’s Top 100 Animated Movies All Time

  1. I like a lot of these movies and I’m not surprised they made your list. However we are in complete disagreement over Pinocchio, my friend. I will give you points for recognizing it as better than Cars, though.

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