Leftovers of June (Part One)

Independence Day celebrations have slowed me down, but here are the Leftovers of June you may want to avoid watching in theaters. Afraid there are a lot of them.

Just for fun. I’m going to add some reviews. I mean we are in the thick of blockbuster season. Some people may even like these less than great films.

Just Cutting It

47 Meters Down- Everyone tries to be Jaws and fails miserably. Then they try to be The Shallows or Deep Blue Sea. They still fail on all accounts.  Still, for a shark movie. It could have been so much worse.

Movie Hot Take always brings some honest and brief feedback about films. Check out what they say about this one.



The Little Hours– A talented cast saves this from the trash heap. I wouldn’t tell you it is great, but given the talent involved (Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman, Allison Brie, Dave Franco, John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon) May be a few worthy laughs in store for you

All Eyez On Me– Sure enough, the Tupac biopic is riddle with questions. Normally, a biopic escalates some conflicts for storytelling. This wasn’t needed here, but it was done in surplus.

My Cousin Rachel– Not terrible, but you can do a lot better for a romantic drama. Passable!



Transformers: The Last Knight– If you like mind-numbing action and terrible writing. Terrible acting and a noisy monstrosity.

Jumpcut Online like many others took a hard stance against the film. I would say rightfully so.


However, some people really like this franchise. They have specific reasons for this as well.  One such person posted her review here


The Mummy– May be a flop in some sense for Tom Cruise, but it will still make money and as long as that happens. The Dark Universe lives. (Insert weeping here)

One of my first supporters was War of the Movies. Anytime they make a review. I’m there to read it.


Jumpcut Online reviews are always worth a look. Since this is a major summer film that somewhat flopped. Let’s have a second take!



Dean– There is a reason you probably haven’t heard much about it. Continue not knowing.

2:22- Be it morning or afternoon, your time would be better off if you were sleeping than this.

The House–  Will Ferrell is one of those guys who you ask. How does he get work? I mean, he once and a while does something funny, but why should we put up with this nonsense while we wait?.

The Bad Batch– You could find moments of joy in this movie, but you have to search for them. Never a good thing when you have to go wandering.

The Book of Henry– Interesting premise, but awkward delivery. Much too awkward for its own good.

Movie Hot Take defined my thoughts on this film ALMOST perfectly


Rough Night– Just another film where people behave badly for cheap laughs. It’s rough alright.

Jumpcut Online had a kinder look at the film.





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