Kings of Comedy (TV) Seinfeld


“Seinfeld” (1989-1998)

Season One: Episode Four (Episodes 0-5) Season one

Air Date: June 21, 1990

Writers: Larry David/ Jerry Seinfeld

Starring: Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards

Plot: Jerry and George buy stock thanks to a helpful tip. When the stock falters some, Jerry and George must figure out if they should stay in or sell. Tragically, the person with the knowledge has just wound up in the hospital.

This is among the better episodes of season one and it is the last. If “Seinfeld” was going to make it big or break into obscurity. This was the last hurrah and I think they did a brilliant job. It has the madness of Kramer, the awkward neurotic nature of Jerry, Elaine, and George.

This episode exposes the darker side of these characters. From Elaine’s potential cruelty to animals. Kramer’s joy in the agony of his friends,  to George’s unearned smugness.

So are these characters bad people? A mixed bag currently, but from worst to best I see it ranked like this.

Elaine’s thought process borders on despicable. She appears intelligent, cultured, reasonably successful, but also egotistical and OCD.

Kramer is more aloof as a character. He is very opinionated and gets annoyed easily. Cares only about himself to an extreme extent.

George is selfish, he has been filled with a bizarre mix of self destructive qualities mixed with the feeling of being an elitist which again is unearned.

As for Jerry, currently he is the nicest and most normal of the group.  I wouldn’t say he is a great person. He is petty, he cares largely about himself, but he has more of a moral code at least at this point. There are certain lines he won’t cross.

The Ladder:

The Robbery

The Stock Tip

Good News, Bad News,

Male Unbonding





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