Into Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland has always been an interesting title to me. Lewis Carroll was a twisted, but clever wordsmith with an expansive imagination.  His work is perfect for stage and screen and has been adapted in nearly every imaginable manner.  From among the first silent films, to merry musicals, drug induced porno films, television movies, right up to modern cinema. You are never too far from an Alice in Wonderland inspiration.

You can find Alice featured in almost every country, but I tend to stick to English versions. (Mostly because some foreign films are next to impossible to locate.)

I strongly urge you to find the Alice in Wonderland you enjoy and watch it.  Like the one in the 1930’s with Cary Grant playing the Mock Turtle or perhaps if you can locate them, a silent short version of it.

As for me, I’m going to cover three films associated with the title.

1951-Animated Disney version- Alice in Wonderland

2010- Tim Burton imagining of Alice in Wonderland

2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass (not directly inspired by Carroll )

Each one has strengths and weaknesses and watching them closely together will allow me to analyze. Which will I like most? What characters will emerge far above the others?

Now one thing I won’t be doing is comparing it to the literary source. These are interpretations of Carroll’s work and they are being transformed from one medium to a very different one. This is going to have complications and omissions like anything of this nature.

Also, i believe reading is invaluable to our species. If you ever get the chance to read Carroll’s original work or at least full excerpts from it. Make a point to do it.


Let us journey into Wonderland and see what awaits us!




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