1000 Days of Movieguy

Today marks 1,000 consecutive days of my Movieguy post and twitter @themovieguy14  (Scandalous I know.)

Every single day it has existed, people have come to see it. I am thankful for all of you  who have checked my blog out in the past and come back.

I have so many people to thank for their support. For their friendship, for their work on this site at times, and of course their inspiration. I simply can’t name them all. Instead, i will thank Christopher, Michael, Cassandra, Garrett, and PJ for their guest reviews. I welcome you all back anytime you have a movie you are passionate about.

Thank you, Bruno for your endless support in this endeavor. Without your positive feedback, there is a legitimate chance this day may never have come.

As for why I did this.

I love film. It is a form of expression, artwork fitting of the finest museum. Film is something that has affected my life in a profound sense.

In my youth, where despair and tragedy rampaged through my life. When I was at my lowest, films like What Dreams May Come enchanted me. They shared common pain and it allowed to feel less alone in the suffering.  Allowing me to reach into another world to find understanding. From this comprehension came peace.

Movies such as The Princess Bride could always cheer me up.  The Lion King, Princess Mononoke, and How to Train Your Dragon explored new heights of my childlike wonder and thirst for adventure amidst the mysterious.

Most recently, I can remember watching The Avengers first time on that opening night.  How the crowds were struck in awe of what they witness.  Heath Ledger (may he always RIP) as The Joker gave me the villain I have longed for my entire life.  Finally, movies like Mud and Mad Max: Fury Road made me appreciate the art of film like few before.

I walked into the blogging world later than I should have. I am still a student of this craft and will continue to work on it.  I hope to find new ways to entertain and inform.  Learn from mistakes and build on my success.

Thank you all for the there1,000 days of endless support. I hope I’ve made you smile or even laugh a couple times. Something was done right because people have been coming back for more.

Thank you again to everyone who has ever liked, commented, or just gave me a view.

Go forth and be well.

Sincerely, your movie lovin friend

Andrew Garrison




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