Kings of Animation (TV) King of the Hill


“King of the Hill”

Square Peg

Season One: Episode Two

Air Date: January 19th, 1997

Voices: Mike Judge, Katy Najimy, Stephen Root, Brittany Murphy

Plot: Peggy becomes the town’s sex Ed teacher

What I Like About This Episode:

Peggy Hill is a very proud and award winning substitute teacher. She likes to challenge herself and talking about sexual education is something she is uncomfortable with. She wants to push herself to be more open minded and accepting of sex.

This episode dives into the role of goverment in our education system.  Should it be dictated by law that all children of a certain age should receive sexual education courses or not? While the science is strongly in favor of sexual education (lower rates of teen pregnancy and STD’s in most places that have it). There are still areas of the country where it is a taboo subject making this entire episode extremely topical even now. I really like how it showcases the opinions of both sides. Also goverment out of the bedroom.


Favorite quote from the episode

Peggy Hill: “VAaaaa-GINA!”

Is Hank Hill actually the King of the Hill? 

King of the Hill is a phrase used to suggest a competitive edge over competition or to say that someone is a general success.  Hank Hill is the main protagonist of the series. While Hank is many positive things, he is also loyal to a fault, sometimes a bit naive, and extremely old fashioned.

I’m going to measure the amount of times through the series that Hank is right vs other people.  I expect Hank Hill to come soaring atop this list, but I’m wondering how many times others will make the list.

Pilot (Some spoilers will apply)

Hank is right in his basic training of his son Bobby Hill during the game of baseball. Though ironically, he is also part of the problem.  (Evens Out)

Hank’s anger gets the best of him in Mega-lo-Mart. (-1)

Overzealous social worker finds himself scolded by Hank and rightfully so (+1)

Bobby Hill uses social worker’s visit as a means to gain an advantage. A clever tactic which works for a while. (+1)

Peggy Hill becomes aware of Bobby’s advantage and seeks to even things. She convinces Hank to express his feelings for his son (no matter how hard it may be). (+1)

Hank Hill is successful in this (at least enough to resolve things). (+1)

Scoreboard- Season One: Episode One 

Hank Hill- 1

Bobby Hill-1

Peggy Hill- 1

The three core members of the series scored a point. Each of them showcased an advantage at some point. Be it being able to convince another person or member of the family of something or proving to be successful in other means.

Square Peg

Peggy and Hank are flustered by the aspect of talking to their son about sex. They strikeout in this situation. (-1 Peggy, Hank Hill)

Peggy Hill struggles again to learn what is needed to teach this class, but she won’t give up. (Breaks even)

Peggy squares off with the town who clearly is against her teaching sexed. She believes that despite her conservative upbringing, the children need education on this matter. (+1)

Hank doesn’t like Peggy teaching this class. He is not being supportive of this venture and the two of them are quietly at odds.

Peggy persists despite all objections (+1)

Hank realizes the error of his ways. (+1-Peggy)

Hank admits he was wrong, and uses Peggy’s new knowledge to his advantage.(+1)

Peggy Hill-+2 Series: 3 points

Hank Hill-0 points Series:1point

Bobby Hill-0  Series: 1 point



Square Peg





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