Kings of Animation (TV) Family Guy


“Family Guy”

Mind Over Murder

Season One: Episode Four

Air-Date: April 25th, 1999

Voices: Seth MacFarlene, Seth Green,

Some MINOR spoilers may apply.  (Chances are if you haven’t seen it by now, you never cared much to see it to begin with.)

Plot: Peter finds himself under house arrest after accidentally punching a woman.

This episode focuses largely around Lois and Peter.  Very different personalities which inexplicably come together to form some kind of relationship.  Peter is the loud mouthed hard drinking obese father who would easily give Homer Simpson a run for the dumbest animated father award.  Lois is the attractive housewife and mother who has dreams of being something more.  She likes attention and wants to show off her variety of skills in any way possible.

This episode showcases how  these two conflict, but also how well they go together. There is something there between them (Love, pure and true.) that can’t be denied.  As for the rest of the family, they are a perfect means to setup plot advancements and resolutions.  My favorite happens to be Stewie Griffin (still sinister, but certainly no fool).

While not the best of this season, this is a good episode because it showcases the absurd nature of the series. It also allows for the series to explore vast new regions that many other shows could or would not.  The first season offers a lot of universe building and Family Guy was certainly ambitious.

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Mind Over Murder

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