Kings of Animation (TV) Futurama



Season One: Episode Two

The Series Has Landed

Air Date: April 4th, 1999

Voice Cast: Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr

The Plot

The new Planet Express crew (Leela, Fry, Bender, and Amy Wong) go on their first delivery, to the moon.

In this section, there may be some minor spoilers. I’ll save the juiciest pieces for yourself to discover, but if you hate knowing ANYTHING then kindly avoid.

What I Like about the Episode

First off, the jokes are hilarious. The writing and creativity elevates to such a high level. Creating a very different atmosphere on the moon.  The prime characters get to show off their personalities in more detail.  From Bender showing off his hard drinking, hard smoking, womanizing (robot woman), morally grey character (ironic). Leela being the leader complete with brawn and brains (for a late 1990’s show, Leela is freaking amazing icon).  Fry has the child like excitement and wonder mixed with incompetence. Finally, Amy Wong is there to showcase that she is exceedingly average in many ways except her family has great wealth (and she has great determination).

We also see these secondary characters in the show, they fill the world with their colorful personalities. Professor Farnsworth is the incredibly intelligent, but also very old/sometimes senile. Hermes Conrad the corporate bureaucrat/accountant, Dr. Zoidberg, the lovable and greatly misinformed crabdoctor. As for Amy, she the professor’s assistant who really has one key attribute.

I like Fry a great deal in this episode.  Because he comes from a time I am familiar with. Where the moon was this magical and somewhat mysterious place. It was always seen as this far away object that only the brave dare to tread. Meanwhile in the future of Futurama, it’s basically a forgotten relic of man’s ancient history.  You feel Fry understanding fully how far from everything and everyone he once knew. How lonely and out of touch he must feel.  Such a heartbreaking concept descends on him and thank goodness for Leela (heartwarming moment alert).

I love this episode because it brilliantly showcases these characters and why we may love, loathe, or relate to them.  Also, whoever thought of making the first mission be to the moon was clever.  For a show that stretches to the ends of the universe, starting off with something familiar and showing us how much it has changed is very effective.


The Ladder

The Series Has Landed

Space Pilot 3000



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