Series Review: Trollhunters


You can find “Trollhunters” on Netflix. One of their many fine Netflix Originals.

“Trollhunters” (2016-?)

Directed: Guillermo del Toro (Pans Labyrinth/Hellboy/ Pacific Rim)

Voice Cast: Anton Yelchin (RIP), Kelsey Grammar, Ron Pearlman


Jim Lake Jr. is just another slightly-above average teenager trying to do the right thing. Things change when he acquires a magical amulet which makes him the Troll Hunter, a guardian of this world and others hidden beyond our grasp.

What I Didn’t Like

The biggest issue is that the Humor is sometimes childish, especially in first half of series. It almost turned me off the series though there are so many positives. It soon became impossible.

What I Liked

Without spoiling anything, the plot is awesome.  It keeps you engaged from start to finish with interesting characters which grow on you and personal stories. It features a very detailed universe filled with trolls, goblins, gnomes, and many other mythical creatures. Even a few new ones I won’t mention.

Jim Lake is a quality hero and respectable teen in a very unusual circumstance. He is not perfect, he makes mistakes, but he also is willing to learn. I know some people get tired of seeing teen heroes and legends, but this one really works.

The show has some great villains. My favorite happens to be Angor Rot who constantly throws twists into Jim’s plans.  Just when you think the series has reached its climax, Rot brings you back in a big way.

The animation may be above-average for film, but well above average for television. Netflix and Dreamworks really found some common ground and produced something beautiful to watch.  If you aren’t won over by the first few episodes, keep watching for the animation grows ever more impressive.

I love all the characters in this show to some extent. The human characters are ones we can recognize in ourselves or our society. They provide striking depth for an animated series.

The troll characters also have depth and many of them are quite likable. Throw out your expectations of good and evil. Right and wrong, with few exceptions, this universe is not so easy to define and I love that.


With the exception of some of the humor not striking firm, I found “Trollhunters” to be an incredible series. Guillermo del Toro is legendary in his dedication to detail and this is no exception.  This series superbly blends humor, heart, and action into a very different world. Filled with imaginative worlds and creatures, menacing villains, conflicted allies, and mature concepts.  I’ve long considered animation an outlet of artistic expression which is often underappreciated.  If you feel like me and have an appreciation for the things that go bump in the night, this is a must-watch series.

A final note-Losing Anton Yelchin was a tragedy in its own right.  He did such a great job as Jim Lake Jr. and clearly was a talented and passionate actor. Watching this show after his passing allowed me to grieve his death, but also embrace his character.  He created something beautiful and it will stay a part of me always. I thank Anton and all who worked on this show for that. He will always be remembered.



One thought on “Series Review: Trollhunters

  1. I’ve heard nothing but praise for Trollhunters, although you know my policy on watching shows. I’m glad Guillermo Del Toro is finding so much success with it, although it turns out I’ve never actually seen any of his work. Pan’s Labyrinth has always interested me. Should probably check out Hellboy and Pacific Rim and the Blade movies too. Man! My bad, Guillermo!

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