Kings of Animation (TV) Futurama


“Futurama” (1999-2013)

Genre: Animation,Comedy, Science Fiction

Creators: David X. Cohen, Matt Groening

Voice Cast: John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Phil LaMarr

Season One: Episode One

Space Pilot 3000

Air Date:  March 28th, 1999

Plot: A man child from the year 1999 on the verge of 2000 finds himself frozen for 1,000 years. He awakes to discover a very new society living in New York City.  Will he be able to adjust to the drastic changes? What is the future like in this new world?

What I like about the series

I will admit I am a bigger fan of Matt Groening creations over Seth MacFarlanes and Futurama is one of those shows I connected with. Everything you look for in a great show it has. A variety of humor based on character interaction and adventure.  Lots of tributes to literature and film.  Dealing with heavy concepts at times about life, love, artificial intelligence, existentialism, god complex, commercialism, and the list goes on.  The show had a wild imagination and filled with humor and heart. Few shows get cancelled and come back, but this did and I’m thankful for what we received overall.

In this first episode, we meet Fry, the simple minded pizza delivery guy. Leela, the hard working cyclops, Bender, the foul-mouthed robot, and Dr. Farnsworth, the ancient and senile distant relative of Fry. It is a great setup episode for the future which you need in any pilot. A clear understanding of what the show is about and who is going to be in it.

Fry is somewhat stupid. On the border of below average, but he still has hopes for a better life. He has a desire to rise above what he is even if he isn’t sure how to reach it. Most of all, despite his simple ways, Fry has a good heart. You see that on display in a very touching moment in this episode.  Where he can relate to someone being trapped and how jarring that could be.  Even he dislikes someone, that doesn’t mean they should have to suffer such a fate that he has.

Who is your favorite character on Futurama?




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