Kings of Animation (TV) Family Guy


While I do my best to avoid major spoilers. Some minute details may emerge.  I save the best for you to discover, but if you prefer knowing nothing, perhaps look elsewhere.

“Family Guy”

Season One: Episode Three

“Chitty Chitty Death Bang”

Air Date: April 18th, 1999

Writer: Seth MacFarlane

Voice Cast: Seth Macfarlane, Seth Green


Stewie Griffin celebrates his first birthday which he misconstrues as a devious plot while Meg makes a new friend.

I’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating. Especially in the early seasons, Family Guy shines with its humor. It is energetic and absurd. Taking shots on various pop culture references from minor celebrities to outlandish cults. They hold very little back (for a show on regular cable).

This episode talks about Stewie and Meg. We learn a lot about these characters.  Brilliant setup for the rest of the series.  Meg is the unpopular one both at school and in the family. Meanwhile, Stewie is often ignored, left up to his own devices which turns out more dangerous than what you would expect. The running joke (I’m guessing it is a joke.) is whether or not the family can understand the baby.  Stewie is unique because it seems like most of the family can’t understand him, or they simply ignore him.  Either way, he is one malevolent baby.


The Ladder  (Family Guy)

Death Has A Shadow

Chitty Chitty Death Bang

I Never Met the Dead Man


Who is your favorite Family Guy member?

What aspects of this episode (jokes, concepts, references) did you most enjoy?



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