Kings of Comedy (TV) Seinfeld



Season One: Episode Two

The Stakeout

Air Date: May 31st, 1990

Starring: Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander

George helps Jerry try to stakeout and find more information about a woman he is interested in.

What I Liked:

Elaine appears and is explained perfectly. A former lover of Jerry who are now friends.

Jerry’s parents are first featured in this episode. Though his father is played by Phillip Bruns, but he was too docile for the role. (I much prefer the Barney Martin who replaces him in future episodes.)

The first scene opens in a video store. It is a taste of nostalgia. I am aware of various streaming services, but I still loved my local video store and I miss it.

Again, the show is on its first few episodes. The comedy is there, adding Elaine was an improvement over Claire.  The show had not found it’s groove yet, but was getting closer.





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