Andrew’s Movie Picks for June 2017

Another month of movies is just around the bend. What am I looking forward to watching (or dreading) for this month?

June 2nd, 2017 


Wonder Woman

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Director: Patty Jenkins

Starring: Gal Gadot, Robin Wright, Chris Pine

IMDb:8.6 of 1,000+ reviews

This is THE MOVIE of the summer for me. Wonder Woman has been long a favorite of mine. This is a telling of one of my favorite stories in her lore. I have been saying for months how pivotal it is for this film to do well. Thankfully, the reviews have been shining. We have a strong female warrior princess that kicks butt on the silver screen. I hope that the movie does very well financially. For it may show studios that women can be versatile and awesome, but also bring in major revenue. Wonder Woman is not the first, but it is the latest and I hope it crushes the box-office in epic fashion.  (Also, let’s give Patty Jenkins a round of applause because she made an awesome movie. May it lead to more female directors at the helm of blockbuster films.)


Captain Underpants– I guess this is a new trend, but the movie has been in talks for what feels like a decade.  The trailers have been underwhelming.  Plus, it is going against Wonder Woman. I think it will do fine, because your average animated flick is an easy sell, but I doubt this will be great.


June 9th, 2017

The Mummy – This movie has had questions for me from day one.  Why are they remaking The Mummy already? Why does it need to be a whole Universal monster universe? Why of all do you lead with The Mummy?  Several better choices. Also, can we please have Javier Bardem play Dracula (He’s playing Frankenstein’s Monster instead)?  (Are we going with Luke Evans?) I will admit, the last trailer I saw didn’t look as bad as the others. Still doubtful about this film being good.  (Maybe okay, but only maybe.)


June 16th, 2017

Cars 3 – I like the first Cars film, but think the second is a jalopy that should have gotten the Old Yeller treatment.  The third one has to be better than that and by the looks of it. This won’t suck. Though I do find it depressing that Pixar is releasing a third installment of one of their more average stories. (Not to mention my issues with other films they have on the 2017 slate.) What is happening to Pixar?  I understand Disney uses them to sell products and tickets to various theme park rides and lands, but I hope the focus returns to creating quality movie. (A good movie will still sell toys and tickets.) Still, with things like Toy Story 4 in the works, maybe the days of Pixar being innovative and among the finest are diminishing.




Book of Henry

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Starring: Jacob Tremblay, Naomie Watts, Sarah Silverman, Jaeden Lieberher

About an advanced eleven year-old boy who realizes his young neighbor is in trouble by a disturbed individual with lots of power. How far will he go before this is resolved?  What steps must be taken? It will ask some very difficult questions and I approve. Also, watch the young actors in this film. Prepared to be amazed. (Going out on the limb, but I trust them.) This is one of the more original movies coming out in this year. (It looks incredible)


Rough Night – Some bubbles pop before others. (Superhero bubble, when is that going down?) This whole raucous comedy filled with questionable people doing lousy things. Filled with alcohol, sex, and violence.  It can be funny, but after a while it gets tiring to see. I’m not saying you need a wholesome comedy, but at least give me one with some legitimate heart.

June 23rd, 2017

The Bad Batch– A romance film featuring cannibals. (Yes, you just read that.) Starring Jason Momoa, Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, Diego Luna  I suppose it could be good, but I have my doubts.


June 28th, 2017

Baby Driver- I have heard a lot of people talking about this film and loving it.  To me, it feels like The Transporter meets Kingsmen. One I enjoyed, the other I found mediocre and at times reprehensible.  It has a good cast, it looks fun (Is it a comedy? I sure hope so.) This could be good, but the trailers don’t inspire me.  Have a look for yourself.


June 30th,2017

The Beguiled

Directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst, Colin Farrell, Angourie Rice. A genre bending movie about a girl’s school in Virginia which comes involved with a Union soldier during the Civil War. If you like you dramas mixed with a little horror and sexual tension, this may be a film for you.


Despicable Me 3

Genre: Animated, Family, Comedy

Starring: Steve Carrell, Kristin Wiig, Julie Andrews, Jenny Slate, Russell Brand, Trey Parker

I liked Despicable Me (2010), but it underwhelmed a bit in certain areas.  I enjoyed Despicable Me 2 (2013) more. The Minions (2015) movie had its moments, but it too disappointed. Now we have the third Despicable Me film which doesn’t look terrible.  I am interested to see the evolution of Gru’s character. As evidenced in the trailer, he returns to being a criminal, but for how long? What of the three girls he has adopted?  This movie is rather uncertain for me. It has the potential for a huge emotional upswing, but it could lose the charm of the others.  Honestly, I don’t think it is going to be terrible, but I’m not certain where it will be in the franchise.  Also, can the franchise be over?

Let me guess (only a guess, I can be wrong)- Gru is framed or used and cast out by his brother Dru. Then Gru has to start “acting evil” again to get his groove back (in a manner of speaking).


The House– The trailer gave me one really funny joke and a lot of Will Ferrell being himself. (Notoriously not the best history when doing that.) I like Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation, but her movies flop. Not to mention that this story about parents trying to raise money for their kids tuition has been used ad-nausea.

The Little Hours – A young servant flees his master only to get involved with a convent of emotionally unstable nuns. (Don’t worry, it is a comedy.) Starring Aubrey Plaza, Allison Brie, Dave Franco, Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Nick Offerman, and Paul Reiser.  It feels despite a talented cast, it tries too hard to be funny.  I will post the trailer just for you to make your decision.


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