Kings of Animation (TV) Family Guy


Family Guy

Season One: Episode Two

“I Never Met the Dead Man”

Air Date: April 11, 1999

Featuring: Seth Macfarlane, Seth Green


The young Stewie has beef with broccoli. Peter takes his daughter Meg for some driving lessons (Hilariously so). An accident occurs which takes out television (Peter’s passion/addiction) town-wide which causes a series of wild scenarios to unfold.

Re watching Family Guy from the beginning reminds me how sharply funny it is.  The jokes and pop culture references come at you so fast it can be hard to keep up and catch your breath. The writing is truly incredible in these early episodes. It also can controversial to people who are extremely politically correct. They don’t shy away from many topics.

Again, Family Guy goes with humor first (sometimes only).  It often doesn’t have much depth, but that’s okay since it does the comedy so well. Though, they do have takes on serious issues at times.  For example, this episode focuses on addiction to television and being too extreme in one direction.  (Moderation seems the healthiest.)


The Ladder

I Never Met the Dead Man

Death Has a Shadow




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