Kings of Animation (TV)


“The Simpsons”

Season One: Episode Thirteen

Some Enchanted Evening

Air Date: May 13th 1990

Plot:  To restore tranquility into an otherwise rocky marriage. Homer and Marge have a night out together. Leaving the kids in the care of a mysterious babysitter.

I believe this episode is a low note for a season finale. I suppose being the first season, the creators wanted their strongest foot forward to earn a better deal.

The animation wasn’t as crisp as other episodes and it lacked a large amount of heart and humor.


The Ladder: Season One (Episodes in bold will carry over into season two ladder)

Simpsons Roasting Over and Open Fire-  Favorite

The Call of the Simpsons

Life On the Fast Lane

Krusty Gets Busted

Bart the General

Moaning Lisa

Homer’s Night Out

The Telltale Head

There’s is No Disgrace Like Home

Homer’s Odyssey

Bart the Genius

The Crepes of Wrath

Some Enchanted Evening. – Least Favorite


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