Kings of Animation (TV)



The Simpsons

Season One: Episode 10  (Some spoilers may apply)

“Homer’s Night Out”

Air Date: March 25th, 1990

Director: Rich Moore (Zootopia/Wreck It Ralph 1 and 2)

Homer finds himself kicked out of his home after he is caught dancing with an exotic dancer at a bachelor party.

This episode touches on all the basics. Bart is a mischievous boy who winds up getting involved in more trouble than he intends. Marge is the solid foundation who may be a bit of an enabler. She loves Homer for who he is even though he doesn’t. Even when Homer wishes to improve himself, Marge will support him no matter what (but not challenge him on this issue). Homer is self-loathing, but he can easily forget his problems with good beer and food.

It is commonly known that Homer Simpson has at least some inspiration from Fred Flintstone. This episode doesn’t hide that fact, it embraces it and I love it.

When Marge discovers this photograph of Homer dancing with this women. She is mortified because she hates the fact that this dancer was objectified. Worst of all, her young son saw it happening. She doesn’t want Bart to grow up thinking that this is how you treat women.

This episode dives into the idea that women should be treated with dignity and respect. That they are equal. This was the film animated show that I ever saw really try to tackle this issue.  While my upbringing already supported this idea of treating women with respect and as equals, this show (my favorite of all time) reinforced this idea upon me at a very young age. Something I try my best to carry with me to this day.

It sends a powerful message without getting political about the issue. It is also neat to see this side of Homer.  Yes, he loves his wife and he loves the beauty of a woman. However, he wants his son to know between right and wrong.  He takes a stand for equality and respect and that rubs off on Bart somewhat.


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