Leftovers of April 2017


April is over, but before we turn on the summer blockbuster heat, let’s have a look at the finest and worst this month had to offer (and may still offer).

Leftovers of April 2017



Genre: Drama

Starring: Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate

IMDb:7.8 of 2,000+

Budget: NA

Box-Office- 17.6  Million  (a cruel injustice)

If you haven’t seen Gifted, you are doing yourself a disservice.  It is heartfelt, funny, well-acted (Brava to McKenna Grace.)  This isn’t the best film of 2017, but it should certainly get an honorable mention. Basically, this is the answer for anyone who needed to restart their brain after Fate and the Furious.

Here is my full review



Your Name (2016)

Genre: Animated

IMDb: 8.6 of 30,000+

I didn’t see this film and frankly never even heard of it until I wrote this segment, but it got fantastic reviews. It comes with great animation and word of mouth. I have to find it (You know I love my animation.) and I hope you will consider watching it, too.

A trailer in case you were curious

Matter of Taste

The Lost City of Z

Genre: Action, Adventure, Biography

Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller, Tom Holland

A man driven by his search for the mysterious lost city within the Amazon goes missing. The story of his journey and the mystery behind his disappearance. I’m hearing pretty good things, even considered seeing this myself even though I’m not one for biopics.  (I like a bit of history mixed with mystery.)

I love a good movie review. Someone who can dive into the subject matter and explain the nooks and crannies to why they like or dislike a film (within reason).  Was introduced to a well-written and thorough critique of this film. Please check out the link and follow below.

You can follow David Shreve on Twitter at



Going in Style

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Starring: Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Michael Caine

A story about three senior citizen who have been wronged by a series of bank and corporate decisions who make the decision to rob a bank. Hilarity ensues. It was good to see a comedy that wasn’t raunchy and had some genuine heart as well.

Check out my review at Jumpcut Online with the link below.


Colossal  (2016)

Genre: Comedy, Action, Drama

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis

Unique comedy (black comedy) featuring Anne Hathaaway as Gloria. A woman who finds herself mysteriously connected to a monster destroying Seoul.




Fate and the Furious

Genre: Action/Adventure (Fantasy)

Budget: 250 Million

Box-Office: Domestic 197.6 Million / Worldwide: 1.1 Billion

(Seems China probably made this movie as big as it is.)

Starring: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, Kurt Russell (and many more).

Compared to many, I didn’t enjoy this film. I have been able to shut off my brain and enjoy others in this franchise, but this film hit new lows I couldn’t reach.  It became too much for me and I stopped having fun. (Just wanted it to end!). Sure, it made a ton of money (thanks China), so expect to see many more to come (Do you really think they will stop at 10 if it keeps making a billion plus?). I offer a warning, if you appreciate good quality over fun action, you may have found yourself yearning for more as well.

Reel Dude Liked it More than I.


Here is my review if you want to know why I didn’t care for the film.


I always like to plug my friends at Jumpcut, so here is their review as well.


Born in China

Genre: Documentary

The latest Disney documentary. They tend to be rather good and this seems no exception.

Free Fire (2016)

Genre:Action, Comedy

Starring: Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Sharlto Copley

The simplest of ideas can sometimes be entertaining. This is a film with action, comedy, maybe a touch of heart. It isn’t very deep, but considering what it is. It is well crafted.

The Film Blog posted a fine review of Free Fire. Check it out with the link below


Just Cutting It

The Outcasts– Again, love it when a film has an apt title.

How to Be a Latin Lover-  I wanted to see this film, but things didn’t work out.  The trailers looked funny enough, but predictable.


Aftermath- Arnold keeps trying, but he can’t seem to get things working.

The Circle– Emma Watson is serviceable, Tom Hanks is good, but aside from them. You can pass on this film.

Sleight-I barely knew this came out.  Seems with good reason.

Smurfs: The Lost Village– Having viewed this film, I will say it should have made more money because it was by far best of the three. (Though, still not great.) It was harmless and while I wouldn’t call it a fresh film, it isn’t isn’t rotten as this suggests.

Even wrote a review for it. Feel free to check it out below.


My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea-  (Shrugs)

Unforgettable– Ironically titled.

Spark: A Space Adventure -Sure enough, this movie wasn’t good. It was lazy and uninspired. Pass on it.

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