Kings of Animation (TV)


The Simpsons

Season One: Episode Eight

“The Telltale Head”

Director: Rich Moore (Zootopia/Wreck It Ralph/ Wreck It Ralph 2)

Air Date:February 25th, 1990

Plot: In homage to Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Telltale Heart.”

Bart vandalizes the statue of the founding history of Springfield (Jebediah Springfield). Although he gets away with the crime, the guilt eats away at him until it becomes too much to bear and he winds up turning himself in.

What we learn:

Marge is the moral foundation of this family. She pushes her family to act and be better people. This includes going to church on Sundays. While Marge is not a super-religious figure, she does have her faith and she hopes to pass that on to her children.

Homer and Marge continue to conflict with parenting skills.  Homer promotes a bit of disobedience (kids should have fun and break small rules) while Marge hopes for law and order in the household.  When she says something, she wants it done.

Bart being rebellious is often going to side with his father, but then take that to an extreme level which Homer wouldn’t even be able to condone (and often doesn’t).

Bart is easily swayed by the idea of belonging to a gang of bullies. However, much like his father, Bart’s heart prevents him from continuing along this path. (Among other reasons.)


By this point, you start to see the true nature of the Simpsons family. While they may on occasion do bad or stupid things, at their core they are not malevolent beings.  They have a moral compass which often rights many of the wrongs committed.


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