Kings of Animation (TV)


The Simpsons (Minor Spoilers below)

Season One: Episode Four

There’s is No Disgrace Like Home

Airdate: January 28th, 1990

In this episode the Simpsons go to a party in honor of Homer’s boss, Mr. Montgomery Burns. Homer becomes embarrassed by his family and their behavior. He becomes aware  that his family isn’t living up to what he sees as ideal. I think Homer has always wanted a traditional family because he never got one as a child (more on that later). So, despite his lack of tools or understanding, he still aims to be a better person and raise his family in a more civil fashion.

While this is a Homer heavy episode, it gives us a lot of insight into the family.  Bart the troublemaker with more energy than he knows what to do with.  Marge ever optimistic about her family, Lisa longing for college life at a private university.

We are also introduced to Dr. Marvin Monroe, the family psychologist in this episode. A recurring character (at least for a while).

This is one of the funnier episodes of the first season. It has several great gags from Marge getting loose (with the aid of some spiked punch) and a wild scene with some electric buzzers.

This episode is ridiculously fun and you start to see the various themes and humor emerge.

The Ladder

Simpsons Roasting Over and Open Fire

There’s is No Disgrace Like Home

Homer’s Odyssey

Bart the Genius


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