Kings of Animation (TV)


The Simpsons (Some spoilers may apply)

Season One: Episode Two

Bart the Genius

Air Date: January 14th, 1990

The animation may not be grand and the voices sound a little strange, but this is an important important.  The Simpsons are very Bart and Homer heavy and this one as you can tell from the title is about Bart.

Bart Simpson is a troubled young child who acts out for various reasons. In this episode he on a whim decides to get some revenge on an irritating know it all named Martin.  (Switching names on an aptitude test.)

Turns out “Bart” scored very high and winds up in a school for gifted students. He clearly is not  going to fit in.

This episode doesn’t have the same heartfelt nature of the previous episode. It is however a learning experience.

We see Mrs. Krabappel and Principle Seymour Skinner as well as Milhouse, Martin, and several other classmates.

Marge is fully supportive of her son if not a bit too naive. (She isn’t stupid, but she tries to see the best in her family at all times.)

Lisa is skeptical (as she proves to be always).

Homer is proud of his son and really wants this positive potential to be explored.  He sees this as an opportunity for his son to get a better education.  More importantly, Homer sees this as a chance to connect to Bart on a deeper level. Something he has longed for since his birth.

Bart hesitates at first, but really starts to open up to his father like never before (we can imagine)

The Ladder

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

Bart the Genius



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