Kings of Animation (TV)


The Simpsons

Season One: Episode Three

Homer’s Odyssey

Air Date:  January 21st, 1990.

Homer gets fired from his job for gross incompetence (finally). Goes on a journey to find himself (or lack there of).

Homer losing his job makes him lose his purpose in life. He has always saw himself as a provider for his family and now that he can’t, it creates an existential crisis.  What is he without his job?

This episode is unique because it is pretty heavy on satire about America’s Nuclear Programs and their practices, the over protecting nature of society (built on good intentions), and how some commercials target certain audience with inappropriate advertising.

This also presents us with the darker side of Homer. That, we may love him for his moronic actions and sayings, but deep inside he is a troubled human being.  When presented with serious life building needs, he may not be mature or intelligent enough to progress his character.

Also, I will always find it strange that Mr. Smithers is black in these early episodes, but is significantly alter in the future.  So I looked into it and there is a simple answer. It was an animation mistake which was corrected shortly after.  For more details about this, I posted a link below.

The Ladder:

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

Homer’s Odyssey

Bart the Genius


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