Delayed Review A Walk in the Woods (2015)

Sometimes, even if you love movies. chances are you will miss a couple that you wanted to see.  These Delayed Reviews are dedicated to all those films I finally got around to seeing long after they left theaters.  I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts about them.


A Walk In The Woods (2015)

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Starring: Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, Emma Thompson

Opening thoughts:

I love many Robert Redford films. In fact, for me he is still an A-list actor.  When he is in a film, I pay more attention and I try to catch the flick. (Clearly I don’t always succeed.) Redford often creates thought-provoking movies and characters (Often political.) and I believe that is something film should do more of.  Give me some substance to what I am watching.  I also enjoy Nick Nolte, but to a lesser extent.  When you put both of this interesting actors in a film together. I will eventually want to watch it.

Plot: A Walk in the Woods is about Bill Bryson, a man in his sixties who decides that he wants to walk the grueling Appalachian Trail  (Georgia to Maine). Joining with him is an estranged old friend Stephen Katz.  This unusual pair set off together on the journey of a lifetime. A journey many believe may get them killed.

What I Didn’t Like

I like to be an optimist, but some of the incidents that occur in this film while completely plausible, seem unlikely.  The film points out the difficulties of trekking the Appalachian Trail accurately, but gives too much leeway to the positive. I can see a couple things going well (It is a comedy after all.), but after a while the list of encounters builds up. I had a time believing that everything went well. (Have some adversity even in a comedy.)

The story drags a few times along the way.  Also, it attempts to have a few emotional moments that don’t sink in as well as they could.

A classic mismatched couple in a stressful scenario.  It certainly isn’t breaking new ground.

What I Did Like

I love hiking and nature, so the scenes in this film were breathtaking.  It made me want to walk the Appalachian trail. (parts of it).  It encapsulates the sheer beauty and struggle of the Appalachian trail.

I like Redford and Nolte’s relationship throughout this movie. Each has lived a very different life since departing.  They have unique personalities because of that life and they don’t always see similarly which creates conflict.  This conflict is only amplified by their situation.

There humor comes from these two characters and I found it often worked.  It wasn’t hilarious, but genuinely enjoyable start to finish.

As always, this Redford’s film has a deeper meaning. One that I could appreciate and embrace in my life.  It made me think about life and how I am living.  I like a film that can make me turn inwards.


A Walk in the Woods  may not clear its own path through the forest, but it proved to be enlightening and humorous. Redford and Nolte create  wonderful characters that you can embrace or connect to. Their adventures through the wilderness may inspire one to take up their own journey. (Though maybe not the Appalachian Trail.)
The Ladder:

 A Walk in the Woods (2015)

The Bucket List  (2007)

Wild (2014)


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