Movie Review: The Smurfs: The Lost Village


Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)

Genre: Animated, Family, Adventure

Starring: Demi Lovato, Julia Roberts, Ariel Winter

Somewhere lurking within the depths of the sinister, a movie executive chortles in devilish glee that the Smurfs now have a third film.  (Because we all saw how ghastly those other two films were.) Thankfully, someone decided that this movie should be completely animated (in attempts to erase the film atrocity of the previous two, I’m guessing) and the movie-loving world sighed in relief. How did this film fare?  Many critics will tell you it still sucked, but it certainly sucked less. I will give you a breakdown (fairly simple one at that).

The Smurfs: The Lost Village focuses on Smurfette. Who is she? What is she exactly? She in her quieter moments desperately longs for this knowledge. Then, one day she sees something unique, something different, and resembling her.  What could it be? Do they live in the forbidden zone?  What is this mystery?  She finds herself teamed up with a small group of Smurfs on an adventure into the unknown in search of these answers.

What I Didn’t Like.

This Smurf film did have a lot of humor and much of it wasn’t funny. It was all very light-hearted, but still forced.  I would have enjoyed seeing a more natural integration of comedy. It would also have been nice to have comedy with a little depth to it as well.

A lot of the story was predictable and focused a lot on Smurfette (she gets a lot of attention in all of these films).

My biggest grievance with the film was the writing. I have seen worse, but this wasn’t great. There were moments which I felt could have been more emotionally impactful if done differently.

The other characters beyond Smurfette were not well-developed. They were one note and I understand why they are so. They are Smurfs with names of their dominant trait, but I would have liked to see greater development of these secondary characters.

What I Did Like.

As mentioned above, I found the film to be very colorful and energetic.  The new world and its various realms explored were imaginative and beautiful.  The action scenes were fun to watch. It kept myself and the younger audience entertained and quiet  (huge win).

The humor was targeted for younger audiences and I would prefer kids to be challenged more, but it was harmless and light enough that it works just fine.

I liked Smurfette and her journey towards self-discovery. I was rooting for her, and I appreciated the various things she did throughout the film which spoke to her deeper personality.  She faced a very common issue which many suffer from and she found new ways to tackle it.



The Smurfs: The Lost Village to no surprise is not the best animated film of the year.  However, it is very imaginative and colorful. The writing while still generic is far improved over the first two and it has a cute message which many children will be able to appreciate. You could do much worse than going to see this harmless animated film with your younger viewers. (Kids need movies, too.)


IMDb:  5.9 of 800 ratings Wrong! (It’s not that off, but I suspect it will rise some over the next week or two.)

Rotten Tomatoes: 37% 4.7/10 (Much too harsh). 75% of audiences enjoyed the film (Accurate based on my audience.)


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