My Favorite Films of 2017 (January Edition)

Before reading this. Jot down you top 3 or top 5 favorite films FROM JANUARY.

My Favorite Films of 2017 

I’ve finally seen most the films of January 2017 that I could find. (It wasn’t pretty.) Here are my thoughts on each and then followed by a list of my favorites most to least.

I guess if you put in so much money and come out with a piece of trash. You may as well release it and try to get something back from it.

Week One

A Monster Calls (2016) I waited through most of 2016 for this film. I am glad it was phenomenal when it finally got its wide release in January 2017.  Well worth your time.

43.4 Million Box Office-  This is a shame. A Monster Calls was a beautifully made film. Unique and powerful. It discussed profound themes and yet so few went to see it. We need people to watch these films, to show studios that more original films are worth their effort and money. Maybe I am among the few still hoping for better days, but I am not done fighting for better film.

I’m posting the trailer because it too is pretty awesome.

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)- You see one of these sequels and you pretty much seen them all. Generic and tired. I’d say the studio should be ashamed of itself, but every studio in Hollywood is guilty of mistakes like this.

Budget of 35 Million/ Worldwide Box Office of 81 million.  This is why these movies keep getting made. You get a terrible film with nothing new to add. People still curious to watch it.  I know the franchise has a cult following, but I’ll never quite understand it.

Arsenal– Forget this movie even existed. For your own good.

Monster Trucks (2016) A film that wasn’t made for me and I did not enjoy. Crude humor and shallow characters. It is mostly harmless, though. I would wish for smarter children’s movies, but sometime we must deal with stuff like this. Keeps the young ones silent for almost 90 minutes. Currently has made 64.4 million.  A decent box office for a less than amazing film. Again, it was for the children. Harmless stupid “fun” to a certain age.


Week Two

Bye Bye Man– Yawn!  It looked like a terrible knock-off of a better horror film. It was exactly that. It may easily be the worst film of the year. Gosh, I hope so. It was made for 7.4 million and earned 24.5 million (Can someone say Bye Bye Man 2?  What a cruel world it is.)

Sleepless– I like Jamie Foxx in this film, but the rest of the movie is close to worthless.

Book of Love (2016) I am someone who can appreciate a feel-good movie, but only if I find it realistic with characters I can care about.  This has none of that.

100 Streets (2016) A movie that just exists. Average at best in every way you can think.


Week Three

Split (2016)– I’m still not trusting M. Night Shyamalan, but this film is by far is best since possibly Unbreakable or The Sixth Sense. Good film, but not my type still.  This movie was unique, James McAvoy gave a good performance. Best thing is that the film made a ton of money. 9 million/ box-office- 257.4 million

*The Red Turtle (2016) Definitely not for everyone as it is an artsy animated French film. Has a wonderful style to it although it can meander a bit. I’m going to be honest. I still can’t find this one, but I really hope to see it one day.

Trespass Against Us- Michael Fassbender works, but nothing else does. You can endure the film, but you may struggle to truly enjoy it.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage– Just because this movie is somewhat high up on my list, don’t mistake it for good. Only not terrible compared to other January slopfest films. There has never been a good xXx film. They are mind-numbing action films and I understand that audiences enjoy that. Still, I wish this franchise was left alone to disappear. It’s not that entertaining. At least the Fast and Furious films attempted to switch it up.

Despite this fact, the nostalgia it made a whopping 345.9 million worldwide.

Resurrection of Gavin Stone– If you enjoy films with a Christian theme, you may find this alright. It’s hardly anything groundbreaking, but there are worse films.

Detour- I am a big fan of Tye Sheridan, though I will admit he hasn’t had as many hits since Mud (2013) and Joe (2014). This film is tolerable, but nothing to rave about.

*Sophie and the Rising Sun– I didn’t see this film as it was a very limited release. A film for Sundance, a drama about interracial lovers in 1940’s South Carolina. (So it probably doesn’t have a happy ending.)

Week Four

A Dog’s Purpose– After being cleared of that mini-scandal (animal abuse). This film still wasn’t that good. It had a sweet idea which I felt would have been better as a short film. Not a feature length. Despite all the problems with this film. It had a 22 million dollar budget and worldwide collected 167.5 million. Not too shabby. So I am glad this film recovered financially. Though again, it wasn’t that great.

Research- Found it on Wikipedia, but verified it on various other news sources as well. “On February 4, 2017, the American Humane Association reported that an independent third-party animal-cruelty expert had concluded that safety measures on the set of the film were in place and the video had been deliberately edited to mislead the public.”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Let this be the end. Please!) I know this movie has a following, but I am not at all part of it. For the fans, it seemed to satisfy and I suppose that is what matters. Now let us have a break from the series. (At least 20 years. Come on!)

Budget of 40 Million.  Worldwide Box Office of 307 million.So you know this franchise is coming back in a few years.

*Lost in Florence– I haven’t seen it and that is something a vast majority can say.  From the look of the trailers and the reception. I hope I never see it. Chances are you haven’t heard of it ‘til now and with luck won’t ever hear of it again.

Iboy– An interesting idea, but not well executed.  Could have used a more fitting tone.


Let’s have some “fun”

Here is what studios saw about movies this January

Franchises/and Worn Out Ideas 3/3  – Underworld,xXx, and Resident Evil all scored big box office for them.

Original Films Making Money 2/3-  A Monster Calls was by far the best, but not nearly enough saw it.  While I wouldn’t call A Dog’s Purpose really original, it was different than what I’m used to seeingYeah, it was sentimental smultz, but people loved it overall. Split by M. Night Shyamalan was dark, creepy, and clever. Good to see him making films that have some positive impact on the movie marketplace again.

Still a safe bet for studios to go with well worn franchises. They are trusted sources of money and that’s what they desire most.

Now think of all these films that you have seen. Which is your least favorite?


My Favorite Films of 2017 (As of January)

A Monster Calls (2016)

I have a strong feeling that  The Red Turtle would land here. I like good animation and always will.

Split (2016)

A Dog’s Purpose- The movie isn’t that good, but I love dogs. Tugged at the right heartstrings.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Monster Trucks (2016)


Resurrection of Gavin Stone

I Boy

Book of Love (2016)

100 Streets (2016)



The Bye Bye Man


You made it!

So, what are your top 3 or top 5 films of January 2017?

What was your least favorite to date?


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