Movie Review: Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin Time


Power Rangers (2017)

Genre:Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Director: Dean Israelite

Starring:Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, Bill Hader

I grew up with the Power Rangers series. A group of warriors defending the Earth from evil. Granted, I watched only several years of the series, but I loved every bit of it for that short period of time. I saw this film coming and feared it would completely demoralize the love of my youth. Though when I saw the trailers, I was convinced it wouldn’t be terrible.  I am pleased to announce that this film was enjoyable. It made the Power Rangers relevant again and did not torment a classic fan.

What I Didn’t Like

Elizabeth Banks as Rita worked well enough, but there were times where she was over the top and it didn’t fit the rest of the film.  I’m not sure if Banks came in with this idea or it was the director. I hope for future movies, they change aspects of the villain to be more fitting. Play down the character a bit, let the finer qualities come out.

The special effects quality was solid, but a few times it dropped in quality. It was never terrible, but at times less than good.

The action took a while to happen and I wish there was even a small scene to perk it up a bit. The story was interesting enough, but a little more action would have brought the film up to another level. The pacing did drag a little bit in the middle.

A few of the jokes didn’t land or there were some cheesy lines that came out a bit silly. (Though this is tolerable given it is the Power Rangers.)

I actually thought Alpha 5 despite looking a bit strange was cool. He was more likable than the version I knew growing up. Also, Bryan Cranston made a perfect Zordon as I expected. With a couple touching moments in there as well.  Good stuff!

If you watched the trailers, then you know about Goldar, he is a big dumb gold monster. While effective, he offers little else than what you see. Something the 1990’s series definitely got done better.

What I Did Like:

I was surprised how good the acting in this film was. While none of these young stars will win or be nominated for Oscars for their roles in this film. They were not terrible and I found all of them credible.This was a major improvement over some of the original series and films. There were even times where these characters added a surprisingly emotional kick which I respected.

These characters looked the part, they acted like teenagers (a bit watered down, but I’ve seen worse). They had some personality flaws, but also some strengths. Certainly a unique taste in humor and attitude.

While I have not seen the recent Ranger series, this film went into some detail about all of the characters. It gave them depth I didn’t expect to find. To the point where I cared about these characters. They all had their personal battles to fight, some were more victorious than others. (Left room for growth for all of them.)

The action in the film was very entertaining. The final act was pure joy for me. (I’ll admit it was part nostalgia that did it. The fact they could win me over again two decades later is an achievement and I know for a fact I wasn’t alone.) Could some of it have been better? Of course, but it was of a sound quality all the same.


The Power Rangers movie turned out to be very enjoyable. There are little details that can be improved upon for future movies (and we NEED future movies now), but it was far better than what I thought it was going to be. If you are looking for a film that isn’t too serious with good action and some surprisingly human characters. This film is for you. (I felt like a kid again for a short while and it was glorious.)

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