Second Look at Logan (2016)



First, I encourage you to see Logan for yourselves. Second, please check out the detailed review at JumpcutUK.

I will say that this may have some spoilers though still nothing major.  (This is your spoiler warning!)

Now and then I check out an awesome movie twice. Because we all tend to miss little details here and there. A second viewing allows us to come in with a different perspective. Since we know the larger aspects of the film and how they will come together, we can then focus on the smaller parts that make a film special.

What I Didn’t Like

That second act lulls a bit too much for my liking. It pushes beyond character development and starts to almost be boring. (Catches itself JUST in time.)

I appreciate that this film was brutal and violent because Wolverine has that aspect to him. This was the Wolverine film we all wanted for a long time  However, i really hated that farmhouse scene. In fact, it is the only reason I will not own this movie.  I understand why they did what they did, but I hate it still.  (I saw it coming, but hoped there would be a sliver of hope or something like it. There was none and that bothered me. It was meant to bother you and therefore it is good filmmaking, but still awful to watch.)

The villains were misused somewhat. I will admit that the whole of this specific company is very menacing. However, none of these characters are all that interesting. I can’t remember any of their names. The only one I can recall distinctly for obvious reasons had no personality. I wanted a better villain and I didn’t get it.  Also, there was already a figurative battle going on. Not sure they had to make it literal.

What I Liked

The first act really does well at setting up the world that these characters are in.  We can identify the society somewhere, but things are bleak. Crime is much more rampant, morality is clearly in decline, many animals and plants are extinct. America is not the land of freedom and hope it once was, but a somewhat desolate hellscape. (It’s not Mad Max, but could be on its way.) I noticed some of these small things more the second time around. It made this world even more bleak and depressing.

I love that this film transcended the Superhero genre. This was a western-drama with elements of superhero films within it. It wasn’t flashy, it wasn’t soft. This film was brutal and depressing, but not without heart and hope.

The third act is also incredibly powerful with a poetic end and some beautiful last words.  I will admit the ending choked me up a bit more the second time around.  Especially with what Logan says to Laura. That was profound for its meaning within the film and something I could relate to.  (I believe many others could as well.)



This movie remained powerful the second time around. The violence was intense and the message fairly deep.  While there are some negatives about the world these characters are living in and some of the concepts explored. There is also some beautiful things as well.  Plus, the ending is actually a positive in many ways. Though some may not see it as such. We all need something we are willing to fight for. It is far better to fight for something than nothing.



As for this being compared to The Dark Knight (2008).  I get why some people would say that. The tone is similar in many ways. This is also by far the best X-Men movie ever made.  However, I would take The Dark Knight everyday all day over Logan (Keep in mind that The Wolverine is my favorite comic book character.)

What did you think of Logan?

Just for fun- let’s watch The Dark Knight trailer again.


Also, if I had awards for best trailers. This film would have been nominated for sure.






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