The Rewind G-Men (1935)


The G-Men  (1935)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Starring: James Cagney

In the early days of the F.B.I. a young man with ties to organized crime looks to make himself an honest man with a decent job.  Complications arise.

Every now and then i revisit a classic film that I may have not enjoyed the first time.  The G-Men was one of those films. I re-watched it because I have great respect for the work and person that was James Cagney.

This is one of those classic coppers v robbers type films which have inspired many films for decades.  The whole cast is pretty solid, but Cagney stands out by far.  The body count is quite high considering it was a film from 1935. The fights sometimes feel very dated (Going to happen with any film from 1935.) However, the story and growth of the protagonist is intriguing enough from start to finish.

Again, Cagney is the reason I watched, but the action of this classic crime film was entertaining. It kept moving at a quality pace throughout.

Is this the best crime film of the 1930’s?  No. However, you can see how this film influenced others.  The way they reenacted shootouts, the almost civil conflict between the FBI and Mobsters at times. The various connections back and forth which made a complicated web.

G-Men is worthy of your time if you appreciate classic film and especially James Cagney.




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