The Rewind: Monsters Inc


Monsters Inc (2001)

Genre:Animated, Adventure, Comedy

Starring: Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, James Coburn

Pixar is known for excellence in animation even by this time in 2001. This was another addition to their history. An all-star voice cast led by John Goodman and Billy Crystal which created among the finest films in American animation history.

The film focuses on Sully, the most prominent and successful child scare expert in history. (Spoiler warning- they use screams/terror as fuel for their society.)  Things awry when a child winds up in the monster world. It threatens to undermine everything known about their society.

The animation may be common now, but back then it was top of the mountain type stuff.  Combined with the aforementioned great cast and a hilarious script. This film is a shining example to what Pixar has done through the last two decades.

One big thing I love is character development and you see several characters alter their perceptions when presented with new evidence. I appreciate that.  Plus, let’s be honest that this film has layers and can be interpreted in a variety of ways including the push for alternative and innovative energies.



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