Movieguy Awards (Best Actor and Much More)


Best Actor

Gold-John Goodman- 10 Cloverfield Lane – Howard

Silver- Mahershala Ali- Moonlight

Bronze- Andrew Garfield- Hacksaw Ridge and Silence

So many to name. Tremendous performances, but here are a few of my favorites.

Josh Brolin- Hail, Caesar- Eddie Mannix

Ryan Reynolds- Deadpool- Wade Wilson/Deadpool

Stephan James- Race- Jesse Owenes

Kevin Spacey-Elvis and Nixon-Richard Nixon

Michael Shannon- Elvis and Nixon-Elvis

Denzel Washington- Fences-Troy Maxson

Tom Hanks- Sully- Captain Sullenberger

Liam Neeson- Silence-Ferreira

Jake Gyllenhaal- Nocturnal Animals- Tony Hastings/Edward Sheffield

Ben Affleck- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-Bruce Wayne/Batman

Chadwick Boseman- – Captain America Civil War -Black Panther/ Prince T’Challa

Ryan Gosling- The Nice Guys-Holland March

Bryan Cranston- The Infiltrator

Adam Driver- Silence- Garupe

Dev Patel- Lio- Saroo


Best Actress

Gold-Ruth Negga- Loving-Mildred Loving

Silver-Amy Adams- Arrival-Louise Banks

Bronze-Naomie Harris- Moonlight- Paula

Again many worth mentioning. Here are just a few

Jessica Chastain- Miss Sloane-Elizabeth Sloane

Edge of Seventeen- Haillee Steinfield-Nadine

Annette Bening- 20th Century Woman-Dorothea

Jennifer Garner- Miracles of Heaven-Christy Beam

Mary Elizabeth Winstead-  10 Cloverfield Lane-Michelle

Felicity Jones- Rogue One: Star Wars Story- Jyn Erso

Meryl Streep- Florence Foster Jenkins- Foster Jenkins

Natalie Portman- Jackie- Jackie Kennedy


Best Supporting Actor

Gold-Joel Edgerton- Midnight Special-Lucas

Silver-Jeremy Renner- Arrival- Ian Donnelly

Bronze- Woody Harrelson- Edge of Seventeen- Mr. Bruner



Best Supporting Actress

Gold-Viola Davis- Fences-Rose Maxson + Amanda Waller- Suicide Squad

Silver- Sigourney Weaver- A Monster Calls-Grandma

Kirsten Dunst- Midnight Special-Sarah



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