2016 Movieguy14 Awards

Best Thriller


Gold-10 Cloverfield Lane

Silver-Don’t Breathe

Bronze- The Accountant


Best Superhero Movie

Gold-Captain America: Civil War

Silver- Deadpool

Bronze-Dr. Strange



Best Independent/ Small Budget Film

Probably the hardest decision I am making these awards. Let me say that every single film on this list is worth your time. If you disagree with my selection. That’s okay. Tell me why you liked the other film more and I’ll listen.

Gold-Captain Fantastic

Silver- Moonlight

Bronze-Edge of Seventeen


Notables that you really should check out.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople



Hell or High Water

Midnight Special

The Witch (2015)

Hello My Name is Doris (2015)


Everybody Wants Some

Green Room (2015)

Demolition (2015)



Best Horror

Gold-10 Cloverfield Lane

Silver-The Conjuring 2

Bronze- Green Room (2015)



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