Leftover of December 2016

December 2016

Like many Decembers before, this month started out weak, but finished strong. I will admit that this year I didn’t get to many of these films. It was a rough 2016 personally (Like it was for many people.)and it sure took its toll on body and spirit, but there are some movies you should watch if you get the chance.



Genre: Biography, Drama

Starring: Natalie Portman, John Hurt, Billy Crudup,

IMDb:7.7 of 3,000+

A biopic about Jackie Kennedy and her trials and tribulations after the assassination of her husband. Natalie Portman does a fantastic job as Jackie. If you love a good biopic. This is for you. Since this film wasn’t really advertised too much from what I saw. Going to show you a trailer and have you decide whether or not you want to see it.


La La Land

Genre: Musical, Comedy, Drama

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, J.K. Simmons,

IMDb: 8.9 of 25,000

Budget: 30 Million

Box Office: 45 Million

People have been raving about how great this film is. So much so I almost want to see it despite having a no musicals rule for the theatre. (I’ve broken it only once for Sweeney Todd in 2008.)


Here is a review by Jeremy Jahns

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Genre: Science Fiction/ Fantasy, Adventure, Action

IMDb: 8.1 of 167,000+

Director: Gareth Edwards (Godzilla)

Starring: Forest Whitaker, Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelson, Alan Tudyk

Budget: 200 Million

Box Office: Domestic-393.5 Million

Worldwide:706 Million

While not everyone is enamored with this newest Star Wars film, it seems that many die hard fans are loving it.  I guess compared to the more recent trilogy, these new movies are outstanding. Good for Star Wars and may they continue to produce quality films.

Jeremy Jahns was kind enough to allow me to post his videos here. He loves his Star Wars for that reason we turn to him first.




Genre: Drama

Director: Denzel Washington

Starring: Denzel Washington, Viola Davis

IMDb: 8.0 of 2,100+

Denzel Washington third movie as director appears to be sensational.  Denzel is always a win and Viola Davis is often a victory as well. Put these two on screen and be impressed.

Matter of Taste


Genre: Animated, Drama, Comedy, Music

IMDb: 7.3 of 6,800+

A lovable and entertaining animated film about a struggling theatre which pulls off one final show in hopes to revive the business.  Shenanigans and misconceptions run amok throughout.  This film is perfect for the holiday season, plenty of good tunes, some nice humor, and a lovely cast.  If you want a light and fluffy animated film to end 2016 or start 2017, look no further than Sing.

Here is my review of Sing (2016)




Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Romance

IMDb:7.1 of 16,800+

You go in for the science fiction aspect, but stay for the romance.  If that isn’t your intention, then stay away from this film.  Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence work in this scifi romance movie. It may not be the most interesting film of this year, but far from the worst.

Another review from Jeremy Jahns


Patriots Day

Genre: Drama, Historical, Thriller

IMDb: 6.9 of 572

This film tells the story of the Boston Bombing tragedy. It showcases the evil nature of those involved with the bombing, but more importantly the good people who saved lives and made a positive impact. You see the ugliness of a not too distant tragedy, but you then see how incredible human beings can be.  For some who are more cynical, this will be unacceptable, but I would suggest watching it if you have interest in recent events.


Assassins Creed

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

IMDb:6.6 of 17,000+

I will note that by some standards this is even too high to place this film. I do not recommend you pay to see this film.  Do not reward studios for making a bad movie.  This film does pay respect to the source material, the acting is not the worst. So there are moments where this film doesn’t suck, but they fail to use the material in an effective and engaging manner.  Baffles the mind.  With this failure, I think video game films should be banished for a few years since nobody can do any justice.

One of my favorite reviewers allowed me to show his review here. Take it away, Jeremy!


Why Him?

Genre: Comedy

Bryan Cranston and James Franco team up to bring you an average comedy. Considering how bad this could have been, average is pretty darn good.

Here is Jeremy Jahn’s take.

Just Cutting It

Man Down (2015)- It has Gary Oldman in it, but also Jai Courtney and Shia LeBeouf. Watch at your own risk.

Solace (2015)- A psychic works to hunt down a serial killer. You’ve seen it before, will see it again. This one does have Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, and the monster that is Jeffery Dean Morgan (Not his fault, he only works for The Walking Dead series.)

Office Christmas Party – Another 2016 comedy that isn’t that funny.  This year had a dreadful lot. Even worse than last year and that is saying something. Still, some may find a bit of enjoyment in this one. Shut your brain off and good luck.


Collateral Beauty– The idea would have worked better if they stuck to the trailers rather than divert. The cast isn’t awful, but just about everything else is.


Incarnate– Yep, another child possessed by evil….in a manner of speaking. You’ve seen it. Don’t waste your money


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